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        Tips for Visiting a Granny Flat Display Home in Sydney

        There isn’t much in life that is more exciting than buying a home. One of the most monumental undertakings, you likely have a million ideas, questions and thoughts running through your mind about the journey you’re about to take. 

        Whether you’re buying your next investment or looking for a place for your family to put down some roots, it won’t be long before you realise that buying or building a property can soon get overwhelming. Unfortunately, it isn’t all about picking colours and organising floor plans. One of the best ways to curb the overwhelm when building any size or style of property is to visit a display home. 

        Many people don’t even realise that display homes exist for granny flats. However, these dwellings are all across Sydney to give potential buyers a real-life insight into the potential designs, quality and inclusions of their future granny flat. 

        So if you’re looking to meet your granny flat builders at a display home, read on for all you need to know before your visit. 


        What is a granny flat?

        Outside of modern elevated granny flat

        A granny flat is a self-contained space usually designed for 1-3 people. Granny flats have a long standing reputation for housing elderly family members (hence their name). However, these days, they are used for many different purposes, from a way to make a passive income, to providing the perfect place to work from home. Granny flat floor plans may include multiple bedrooms, garage storage and even a second level.


        10 benefits of visiting a granny flat display home

        1. You will get a good picture of the construction quality and variety of designs on offer 
        2. Get a feel for the functionality and flow of your potential floorplan 
        3. Receive feedback from your potential builder about timeframe and budget 
        4. Refine your building and design plan with new inspiration and facts on hand 
        5. Ensure the range of inclusions offer good value for money and meet your needs 
        6. Chat to the customer service team about any available packages or current building industry news that might affect your build 
        7. Hear testimonials from previous customers 
        8. Find inspiration for all the little details of your project 
        9. Make sure your potential design will suit your site 
        10. Get a feel for how your granny flat will suit the main house 


        Where to find granny flat display homes in Sydney

        There are granny flat display homes all across Sydney, in both master-planned communities and closer to the CBD. Many are open by appointment on Saturdays, giving you the opportunity to meet the company, determine whether the flat will suit your requirements, and check out what inclusions are on offer.


        How to prepare for your visit to the display home

        Granny flat living room

        Whether you’re visiting two-storey display homes from the best home builders in Sydney or checking out a one-bedroom granny flat, there’s a few key tips everyone should know before visiting a display home.

        1. Remember your budget

        Having all the information at hand about your budget is key. Nobody wants to walk into a spectacular display home and fall in love with it before realising that it is way out of budget. Take care not to get carried away with add ons. Be conservative to keep your interest focussed on the essentials until you can get a clear picture of how everything will add up.

        2. Don’t forget your camera!

        Viewing your potential dwelling in the flesh for the first time can quickly become overwhelming. Excitement and questions abound, and before you know it, you’re in the car regretting all the questions you didn’t ask and photos you didn’t take. Knowing the address, looking up parking in the area and being on time to view display houses is an important step, as your appointment may only be short.

        Next, make sure you have a notepad or your phone handy with all your questions listed so you don’t forget anything. Generally, customers are allowed to take photos. So, snap a picture of everything you want to include or alter in your design. 

        3. Prepare questions ahead of time

        This is the perfect opportunity to receive direct answers for all your questions about building a new granny flat. Whether you’re looking at granny flats or new homes, prepare questions ahead of time to gain the full benefits of visiting a display home. See our list of helpful questions to ask below.


        10 Questions to ask when visiting granny flat home displays in Sydney

        Hand writing questions on table

        Anyone who works in display homes expects their customers to land on site and quickly begin snapping photos with passion. They are ready to field questions and help develop the projects of every person who walks through the space. Asking the right questions is the best way to ensure that you make the most of your time spent at your granny flat viewing. It’s also the only way to prevent post-visit regret.

        Include these ten questions on your notepad, and you’ll soon have all the right information at your fingertips. 

        1. What type of appliances are included in this granny flat?

        Not everything you see in a display home is included in the final home build. You are well within your rights to ask which appliances are included. You may even try them out during your visit. 

        2. What type of finishes can I expect in my granny flat?

        This is an important question to ask a granny flat builder. That chrome tapware may not be standard, nor may the exterior cladding that took your breath away when you arrived. Enquire about what finishes are included in the price, and if you love something, you will know to add to your budget. 

        3. What type of materials are used for the exterior?

        Speaking of exterior finishes, it is smart for any Australian homeowner to ensure that their exterior materials are capable of handling the extremes of the weather. From cladding to brick and everything in between, make sure your builder has the right materials for your area. Learn how to choose the right material for your granny flat.

        4. What is the building process? 

        This question is very important. Ask questions about the granny flat building process in NSW to understand what to expect each step of the way. Additionally, this will ensure that your build will happen in the right timeframe for your needs. 

        5. How experienced is the builder?

        Having an experienced builder is key for creating a long-standing granny flat with a building journey you will actually enjoy. You don’t want your granny flat to be somebody’s first dip into the construction industry. Look for those with over 10 years of experience at least, and a good few hundred completed builds under their belt. 

        6. What changes can I make to the floorplan?

        Some builders don’t allow much customisation, if any, to their floorplans. Otherwise, changes may include price jumps that you weren’t anticipating. Floor plans can be altered to suit the orientation of your block and to catch the morning sunlight. Your granny flat floor plan needs to suit your personal lifestyle requirements.

        7. What is happening in the industry that may influence the cost and timeframe?

        The building industry was one of those most impacted by the pandemic, and many parts of the country are still recovering. However, building materials and time frame deliverables are controlled by your builder only to a certain degree. Communication is key in managing expectations and maintaining the relationship.  

        8. Will I be included in the design process?

        For some, this is essential. For others, they’re happy to let the builder take charge and create their granny flat for them from the ground up. Determine how involved you’d like to be in the design process of your flat, and ensure your builder can accommodate it. This is especially important for those needing a granny flat with inclusions for special needs or the elderly.

        9. What standards will it include? 

        Ask for a detailed price breakdown from the display home builder. Request clarity around what is included and what is not. 

        10. Is the builder local? 

        This isn’t essential but it certainly helps! Your local builder will know the requirements of the local council, and as a result, can work with you to navigate red tape, contracts and forms. Additionally, a local builder will have local trades you may be able to visit, and will have a great concept of the kind of design and materials that will suit your region. 



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        At Granny Flat Solutions, we pride ourselves on creating the perfect custom design to meet the needs of every individual customer. As expert granny flat builders in Sydney, we’re excited to help you discover success at your next visit to a granny flat open home. 

        We are proud of our history of building high quality, customised granny flats for our Sydney customers that span over three decades. Our customers are the most important part of what we do, and we can’t wait to meet you at one of our next display home events. If you’re ready to get started on your granny flat build, get in touch with our granny flat builders today.

        Otherwise, keep an eye on our display home locations for the next available viewing near you. 


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