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        Live Sustainably

        Living in a Granny Flat shouldn’t reduce your standard of living, nor should it impact the ecological footprint on the environment.

        A passive home is a self-sustainable building designed to be comfortable to live in all year round. It is highly energy-efficient, using 90% less energy and reducing CO² emissions by 90%!

        This is generally achieved through simple measures, such as; the orientation of the building, the type of insulation used, shading devices, glazing types, and cross-ventilation. Applying these basic techniques to your Granny Flats allows them to breathe, making it cheaper to heat and cool and ultimately resulting in a healthier, comfortable environment.

        Granny Flat Solutions has been instrumental in learning and applying these principles, and we would love to assist you with your next project.

        What Makes a Passive Home?

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        Proper Insulation

        Higher-performing insulation to the floor, wall and ceiling.

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        No Air Leakages

        No holes in the external fabric of the building to let hot air escape.

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        Proper Windows

        High-performing glazing to maximise solar gail and minimise heat loss.

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        No Thermal Bridges

        A thermal bridge occurs when there is a break, or penetration of the building envelope, allowing heat transmittence.

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        Correct Orientation

        Positioning the Granny Flat, according to seasonal variations, to heat the home during winter and keep it shaded during summer.

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        Heat Recovery Ventilation

        HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) is a device that uses the heat to provide the Granny Flat with fresh air.

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        Where does the heat come from?

        Heat can be provided from body heat, sun, appliances, light bulbs and TV.

        Benefits of a Passive Home

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        Save On Energy Bills

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        Environmentally Friendly

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        Build with the Best

        Granny Flat Solutions is the ONLY multi-award winning granny flat company, with over 15 awards under our belt.

        “Experience the difference for yourself.”

        Call now to book your obligation free site inspection and quote with our friendly staff.

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