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        Cladding vs Brick – Pick the Right Material for Your Granny Flat

        One of the decisions you’ll need to make when building a new granny flat is what building materials you would like to use. All materials have their pros and cons, and it’s really about finding what’s best for you, your environment and your living needs. Today we’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of cladding and brick.

        Once you’ve reviewed these popular housing materials, you’ll have all the information you need to design a high-quality granny flat.


        The pros & cons of cladding

        white cladding granny flat

        So, you may be wondering what cladding is exactly. Cladding is a layer of material attached to the exterior of a building’s structure. It can be made from a range of materials such as wood, Colorbond steel, and aluminium. The purpose of cladding is both stylish and practical, supplying your granny flat protection from the elements while looking good at the same time.


        Pros of cladding

        Thumbs up

        More affordable

        Cladding is often a more affordable choice than brick, so for anyone on a strict budget, it’s an economical choice. However, this depends on the material you use for your cladding, so always check the cost of your building supplies with your architect or designer to see if the price is right.

        Easy to install and maintain

        In most situations, cladding is easier to install, potentially leading to quicker build times.

        More choice and variety

        We don’t want to have a go at bricks. It’s a fantastic, tried and tested look that works for many people. For others, though, it may be just a little tried and true, and there are only so many ways you can make brick look different. Cladding offers another avenue of stylistic choices, from modern looks to more traditional aesthetics. Depending on what your existing house is made from, cladding could go a long way to achieving compatibility between your granny flat and house.

        Modern and stylish look

        Just because it’s called a granny flat doesn’t mean it has to look like it was designed last century. Cladding offers a range of styles and looks to make your granny flat stand out. For anyone after a specific look or something different, cladding offers far more options than brick can.

        Plenty of colour options

        One of the significant aesthetic advantages of cladding over brick is the range of colours available. A product like Colorbond comes in a range of colours which is great news if you want your granny flat to match the rest of your home.

        Colorbond Steel is a popular cladding option

        Colorbond Steel is one of the most popular, reliable and versatile options on the market. When it comes to cladding, there are a lot of benefits when it comes to using Colorbond Steel for your granny flat, including:

        • It’s lightweight.
        • Durable – built to stand up to rain, hail or shine.
        • A range of colours to suit any style.
        • Easy to maintain.
        • Looks great with minimum effort.


        Cons of cladding

        separate studio and granny flat

        Can be prone to damage

        Different materials are more resilient than others when it comes to standing up to the conditions. Unfortunately, depending on what material you’re using, it can be challenging to repair when damage occurs; you may even have to replace an entire panel. Certain cladding materials, like timber, are prone to termites and water damage.

        Insulation is a must

        Most cladding will require added insulation to meet the minimum energy star rating. Proper insulation is an important step in creating a comfortable living space and has many benefits, including lowering energy costs and creating a more liveable space for tenants.


        The pros & cons of brick

        The outside of a brick building

        You may be more familiar with brick than cladding; however, you may not know about its unique benefits and drawbacks. Keep reading to discover a full overview of this popular building material.


        Pros of brick

        brick granny flat exterior


        One of the most significant advantages of brick is that it is an incredibly durable building material. Have you noticed many old buildings are made with brick (not to mention a few famous structures like the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal)? Brick has proven itself as a material that can stand the test of time.


        Recent history has shown time and time again that when the weather gets going in Australia, it doesn’t muck around. Brick provides strong resistance to the elements, ensuring your tenants are safe during the storm season.

        Brick is naturally termite-proof, which is a huge plus if you’ve seen what those little guys can do.

        Stylish Appeal

        There’s a reason the brick look has been around forever and won’t be going anywhere soon. It’s a style that transcends any particular period. There are also a wide variety of bricks available, so you’ll find suitable styles for basic flats or for creating your luxury granny flat design.

        Low Maintenance

        Brick is an extremely low-maintenance material, to the point that when it comes to cleaning, you can wash it down with a hose.

        Environmental Benefits

        Looking after our planet has never been more relevant, and bricks are an incredibly re-usable material. In addition, old bricks can be reused for other projects, meaning less landfill down the line.


        Cons of brick

        Close up of floor and brick

        Insulation Issues

        Whether you’re building a house or granny flat, you want to create a dwelling someone can comfortably live in. A big part of this is supplying protection from the weather, including all temperatures. Depending on where you’re building, brick may not provide enough insulation, which could be an issue, especially if you’re building a granny flat for an older relative.

        Lack of colour options

        There are many types of brick out there to choose from, but in terms of colours, it can be limiting, especially compared to cladding materials like Colorbond steel.

        More Expensive

        This will depend on various factors, including layout, design choices and what you’re comparing, but brick tends to be a more expensive building material on average.

        Can Cause a Longer Build Time

        A building project will always take time to bring to fruition, no matter the size. Building with brick usually takes longer than most materials, which is something to consider for those on a tight schedule.

        Materials are important – just like your builder

        Whether you go with brick or cladding, you must hire a builder who knows all the ins and outs when it comes to building a granny flat. Building a structure like this is a big project, but the great news is you’re not in it alone. Granny Flat Solutions are here to help with all your design needs; from first designs all the way to handing over your keys, we’ll be there every step of the journey.

        We know the Sydney, Illawarra and Central Coast regions like the back of our hand, so have a chat with us about the best material for your new granny flat. We’ve never built a granny flat we wouldn’t be proud to have in our own backyard, so why not give us a bell today? Ready to get started on your granny flat or have some more questions? Get in touch with us by clicking here or calling us at 1300 259 677.

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