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      Granny Flat Approvals

      Granny Flat Solutions has more than 35+ years’ established building experience. We understand the ins-and-outs of council rules and regulations.

      Our expert team is constantly researching and updating our current knowledge database to keep up with the ever-changing regulations.

      There are 2 ways to get your granny flat approved:

      1. Through a traditional Development Application (DA) process through your local council.

      2. Or you could use a Private Certifier to approve your development through a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), if it meets all the criteria of the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP (ARHS) 2009.

      Complying Development Certificates (CDC)

      In 2009, the NSW State Government introduced the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP, in an effort to increase the number of Secondary Dwellings across Sydney, by simplifying the approval process. To achieve this target, they created a list of specific criteria which needs to be met for each dwelling, and if the design meets each of these criteria, then a Private Certifier has the authority to approve the development within 14 days of lodgement, without needing to lodge a DA through your local council.

      Here is the link to this policy.

      The policy covers items such as property sizes, lot widths, floor areas, setbacks, building heights, landscaping ratios and many other requirements which the property must comply with, in order to get approval through a CDC.
      Private Certifiers are bounds by the rules of the ARHS, and can not vary any of the controls. Any variation to these controls will require a DA.

      For example, the policy states that a property needs to be a minimum of 12m wide if the block is less than 900sqm. If your property is 11.99m wide, then a Private Certifier can not approve your development, and it will need to be lodged as a DA.

      Granny Flat Solutions specialises in CDC approvals, and can provide advice and assist you with your Granny Flat approvals.


      Read more about the Complying Development requirements here

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