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        7 Reasons Why Granny Flats are Preferred to Retirement Homes

        It’s right there in the name. Granny flats are known for being a living arrangement for older relatives so they can stay near their loved ones while keeping some independence. Deciding the next step in an ageing relative’s living situation can be a delicate one.

        If you’ve ever driven by a granny flat for sale and thought about purchasing it for your elderly family member, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many benefits to this option. A granny flat can offer them a more supportive and manageable living situation, while still allowing them to live freely. In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits of building a granny flat for ageing loved ones and if it’s the right choice for your family. 


        7 Reasons granny flats are superior to retirement homes


        granny flat for elderly family member

        1. More appealing than an aged care facility

        Discussing and deciding on living arrangements for elderly relatives can be a tough and emotional time for all involved. Most people are used to being independent and find the idea of needing some assistance difficult to accept. Not everyone is an extravert, and for some people, having to meet a lot of new people can be anxiety inducing. An aged care facility can seem strange, full of unknowns, and the whole process can leave older relatives with feelings of resentment towards their family, regardless of whether they had the best intentions.

        A granny flat in comparison can be seen as a more appealing proposal. Your relative will feel like they’re being welcomed into your home, and you can reassure them that the granny flat was built with their tastes and needs in mind. 

        2. Close proximity to elderly family members

        We’ve all heard of people being frustrated with aged care facilities and feeling the service was impersonal. With rotating staff and busy schedules, it’s easy for people to feel lost in the system. A family member will have an invested interest in the relative’s medical needs, personal preferences, quirks and what works best for them.

        3. Better long-term investment

        Depending on the situation, building a granny flat can be a cheaper option than years in an aged care facility. There’s also the added benefit of increasing the value of your home with a backyard granny. Think of it like the benefits of buying a property over renting one.

        4. More time with family

        Living on the same property as family members provides the obvious benefit of allowing your parents the chance to spend more of their golden years with their grandchildren. A granny flat allows a great balance between family time and independence. Another plus is if your kids can sleep over with grandma and they want to come home, you won’t have to travel far.

        It’s also a great chance to bring the family closer together and provide your kids a chance to know their grandparents. On the opposite side of the coin, if your parents want a quiet night to themselves, they can easily achieve this without the awkwardness that may come if they literally lived in your house. 

        5. Build the perfect accommodation

        When looking at aged care facilities, no matter how nice they are, your relative will have to adapt to whatever is available. If you’re designing a granny flat, you can create the perfect living space for your loved one. Whether it’s practical needs like railings or ramps, or personal preferences like décor, layout, and colours, you can help create the perfect place for your loved one to move into.

        A great way to help your relatives to feel at home is to bring some of their favourite furniture, decorations and knick knacks into their new home. While you’re unlikely to be able to bring everything from their old place, being able to design the granny flat from scratch allows you to create a space that can accommodate some of their favourite possessions.

        6. Less maintenance for ageing bodies

        There are a lot of memories tied to the old family home and we understand how this attachment can lead to a reluctance to leave. However, nowadays that empty nest can be a pain to clean and maintain, especially when your back and joints aren’t what they used to be. Your loved ones will find a smaller place much easier to keep in shape, meaning they can spend more of their time enjoying their well-earned retirement.

        7. Multiple uses

        Perhaps your parents are doing okay at the moment and you’re planning ahead? Until they decide to move into their new accommodation, you can use it for a variety of uses. Whether it’s somewhere for guests to stay or a temporary living situation for an adult child who’s saving for their own place.

        Many years down the line your granny flat will likely add significant value to your home, which could go towards your own retirement.


        Is a granny flat the right choice for ageing family members?


        Hand holding tiny home with heart shaped window


        This is a big question that will depend a lot on your situation and, of course, the needs of your relatives. We all age differently and all have different needs, so you’ll need to consider how much care your relative needs. As difficult as it may be, you’ll need to take an honest and realistic approach to this decision.

        Some questions you’ll need to consider include:

        • Does my relative need assistance and can I provide this to them?
        • Would my relatives like living with me?
        • Are there any boundaries that need to be set before the move takes place?
        • Do my relatives have any serious health problems that need monitoring? If yes, should they be monitored by a professional?

        A granny flat is a great option for an older relative who can still look after themselves and can be independent. It’s a less jarring and divisive transition for parents and the rest of the family and it provides a housing solution to keep your loved ones near by. 



        The #1 tip for building a granny flat for older relatives 


        A young woman smiling at an elderly woman in a chair

        Find the right builder!

        Building a granny flat is a big project at the best of times but add to that the delicate process of helping older family members and working with the extended family, it can all begin to feel like a lot. It’s therefore essential to have a builder you can trust and can communicate with openly about what you need to achieve with your granny flat. Your builder should not only have strong customer service, but also the experience to offer advice and the skills to bring your vision to life.

        With the right builder in your corner, the process of building your granny flat will be a smoother, easier process, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to focus on taking care of your family. In this situation, you’ll also need to make sure your builder is experienced with building facilities suitable for elderly residents, including any extra support they may need along with knowledge when it comes to building for accessibility and special needs

        If you’re looking for the right team to build a perfect granny flat for your parents or grandparents, then Granny Flat Solutions is here to help!  With over 40 years of experience building award-winning granny flats, you can trust us to ensure you get the best solution for your family. 

        If you want to get started on your granny flat or have any questions, our team would love to hear from you!


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