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      Elevate Your Backyard Design with a Poolside Cabana

      Picture this – you’ve just stepped out of the pool, but you’re not ready to wrap up the outdoor fun. You need to freshen up, have a glass of water and find some shade, but the only option is to sit awkwardly on the cement or retreat inside away from the relaxation and fun. The solution? A pool cabana!

      A pool cabana will add a feeling of luxury to your granny flat while proving to be a practical additional to your structure. It’s the perfect place to change, cook up a poolside feast or lounge away from the weather. Whether your pool is mostly used by rambunctious teenagers, floatie-clad toddlers or for your own personal cocktail hour, you will find endless use for a luxury cabana.

      If you’re ready to make the most of your pool space this summer, read on for custom pool cabana ideas and inspiration.

      What so special about a poolside cabana?

      Striped pool chair next to outdoor pool

      What is a pool cabana? It’s a sophisticated freestanding structure with a fully covered, angled roof that’s built on an even set of columns.

      A custom designed pool cabana can be much more – from a simple structure to watch your kids from without a side of sunburn to a fully equipped cabana with cooking capabilities, a complete bathroom and space to lounge. You will find yourself enjoying your pool much more often, with the option to sit and watch the rain fall or enjoy the shade with a good book.

      A pool cabana is different from other outdoor structures in that it can be either permanent or temporary, and the front of the cabana faces poolside. It is not a pool house that has walls on all four sides, nor is it a pergola that allows the sun to come through the roof.

      Pool cabanas generally have side curtains, walls, or solid panels on three sides and a window or screen to face the pool. A cabana can be lockable with glass or screen doors and kitted out with a functional kitchen and complete bathroom for quick poolside changes.


      5 Custom pool cabana ideas to elevate your backyard

      Outdoor pool with cabana

      1. Simple and sophisticated

      Nothing beats white when it comes to making a space look fresh, clean, and modern. A white cabana with white shiplap features and soft gray flooring will allow your decor to change over time while keeping a consistent peaceful look. Whether you’re a fan of natural accents or bright and bold colours, a white-based cabana will leave you with endless possibilities.

      2. Minimalism is in

      Smooth lines, bright whites with hints of black or gray, curves, soft edges and simple construction make a minimalistic style cabana a perfect place to chill. Opt for a simple cut-out shape for your window and high ceilings. Add a built-in bench seat, and your cabana will be a hub for relaxing while you dream up your next project.

      3. Make the most of every inch

      You might be surprised with what can go into a pool cabana with Granny Flat Solutions. Our award winning cabana, the Wahroonga 156 has everything you need for a long summer’s day to turn into an evening with full bellies and cheer. With a complete kitchen next to an open living and dining area, plus a spacious bathroom with a corner shower- you and your guests will never want to leave.

      4. Wide open space

      A cabana isn’t limited by the need to have enclosed walls or doors. A cabana with open sides and the addition of curtains or screens will make you feel like you’re on holiday in your own backyard.

      5. Farmhouse style

      This is a wonderful option for those with large backyards and plenty of space for the cabana to attach directly to the swimming pool. This can be achieved simply through wooden materials such as shiplap, a pitched roof and clever styling to accentuate the farmhouse look. Additions such as greenery, white lattice walls and wooden flooring combine to make this a cosy cabana with a difference.

      What to consider when building a cabana

      As with any building project, there are several things to consider before getting started. So, while you might be itching to break ground, in order to guarantee a successful and achievable build, consider these points:

      What kind of material do you prefer?

      You can answer this question by considering what is important to you, i.e., low maintenance, termite resistance, affordability etc.

      What is your budget?

      This is possibly the most important question and will inform what is possible with your build

      What functionalities do you want in your cabana?

      From a simple roof over your head to a fully equipped space and everything in between

      Where do you want your cabana to be?

      Is your cabana going to be in the pool area, attached to the house or outside the fence?

      Are there any additions or non-negotiables you want to be included?

      This can be anything from a fire pit to an entertainment system or outdoor kitchen.

      What style do you want to achieve?

      Many people choose to match their cabana to the main house, but your options are endless with our custom experts from Granny Flat Solutions.

      The joy of building a custom cabana is that you can include what is important to you and avoid what isn’t, allocating your budget and time strategically. Only you know how your friends and family will use your cabana. The right team will be able to accommodate your needs while bringing the best pool cabana ideas to the table.

      Create the cabana of your dreams

      beautiful pool with cabana attached

      Cabanas have come a long way from being a thatched roof on four posts. Our team has been creating custom spaces for happy customers for almost four decades. We will have the perfect solution to make the most of your limited space or to create the unique cabana you’ve been dreaming of.

      We bring the same passion to every project, from a small cabana to our most extensive attached granny flat. As a family business, we are passionate about providing you with the quality we’d expect for our own loved ones. We are committed to making you feel confident throughout the whole process, which begins by getting in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable crew.


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