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        5 Luxury Studio Designs for Your Granny Flat

        You love your family and treasure the time you have with them, but sometimes you need some privacy. What if your granny flat could provide you with that extra space?

        Whether you’ve already thought about building a lifestyle pod, need a private area for work, creative pursuits, entertainment, or hobbies, a granny flat can be transformed into the studio space of your dreams.

        With just a few specialised design choices, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve with your custom granny flat.


        The difference between a studio and a granny flat

        a small studio space

        The basic difference is that a granny flat is an inhabitable dwelling whereas a studio is not.

        If you want a space purely for work, arts or crafts, a studio might be the way to go. If you want to have someone living in your new building, you’ll need to build a granny flat. If you want the best of both; build a granny flat and use the rooms as a workspace, or you can build two separate buildings (see below for more details).

        A studio is smaller – with a maximum area of 36m2 – and can contain a bedroom and bathroom but cannot contain a kitchen or laundry. You generally cannot rent it out to tenants, but you can allow someone to stay the night (like a family member).

        Which option is best for you will come down to lifestyle, the purpose of the building, and budget. Not sure what’s best for you? Check out these completed home studio designs.


        Can I have a granny flat and a studio as separate dwellings?

        separate studio and granny flat

        Yes, but there are conditions.

        While it isn’t currently legal to have two habitable second dwellings, it is legal to have three separate dwellings on your property, provided one of them is not habitable. As always, we recommend checking with your local council or building professional.


        5 Studio Designs for Your Granny Flat

        1. Get creative with your own art or design studio

        woman painting in home art studio

        We all have our favourite hobbies, creative outlets, or activities, but it can be hard to find the space to pursue them. Your granny flat can be a place for your imagination to run wild, whether you need a studio to paint in or just need a quiet place to finally write that book.

        Are you a budding musician or in a band? A studio space can be your perfect rehearsal space or recording studio. You can even investigate soundproofing, so your neighbours don’t have to hear all your greatest hits.

        Whether you’re looking for a place to do arts and crafts or just want a place to relax, a granny flat can be designed to meet your needs. No matter how wild or chill your goals are, Granny Flat Solutions can help create the perfect space for you!


        2. Stretch and strengthen your muscles in a home gym

        rolling up a yoga mat in home gym space

        Whether you’re looking to get in shape or are just tired of sharing equipment with others, you can turn your granny flat into your own home gym. You’ll have enough space for weights, cardio machines, or yoga, plus you get to choose the tunes. You can even have a shower right there to cool off after a good workout.

        You can even add certain luxury features like a wall mirror to monitor your form and technique, and air-con so you can be comfortable during your workout.


        3. Work from the comfort of your own home

        woman sitting at a desk in her home office

        After the events of the last few years, working from home has become more common than ever. While it seems like the dream (no more traffic, work in your PJs), it doesn’t take long for some of the challenges to become apparent. Separating home and work life is key to getting the best out of both worlds.

        Having a dedicated workspace at home allows you to be more productive in your work. By making your granny flat a home office, you can design the perfect workspace for you. We suggest thinking about what makes you comfortable as well as what you need for your work. For example, will you need room for a lot of equipment? Are there any specific design layouts that will help you achieve your daily goals? Will you be the only one in the office or will colleagues and clients come to visit?

        Click here to find out the benefits of building your own home office.

        4. Provide an entertainment hub for friends and family

        a mom and two kids watching films in home theatre studio

        Whether it’s for a movie night or a serious gaming session, your studio space can become the go to place for entertainment.

        Transform a small granny flat into the perfect space to gather your family and enjoy your favourite flicks.


        5. Games Room

        A pool table in a transformed granny flat studio

        Always wanted a pool table, table tennis or even a pinball machine (maybe all the above)?

        Your granny flat could be the ultimate hang out area. You could even go all in and add a bar.


        How to turn your granny flat into the perfect studio space

        So, you’re liking the sound of your own private space, but now you’re wondering how to put this all together?

        Here are some tips to help get you started:

        • Think of what the room will be for: Having a concrete idea of what you’ll be using your new dwelling for will help us create your perfect design.
        • Research design ideas: Say you want to build a home recording studio? Why not hop on Google and become inspired by how others have achieved this goal.
        • Get reliable contractors to build your granny flat: Whether you’re building a granny flat or a lifestyle pod, it’s a big project. You’ll want to make sure you have the best team on your side every step of the way from the initial ideas to the design to that wonderful moment you see your finished granny flat. Granny Flat Solutions are the team to help you every step of the way.


        No matter what you’re looking to achieve with your granny flat, we’re here to help. Whatever your idea, whether it’s tried and true or completely unique; we’re game, and we’ve got the experience to back it up.

        If you have any questions or want to get started on building your own private space, call (02) 9481 7443 or get in touch today!

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