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      Building a Two-Storey Granny Flat: 4 Tips to Get Started

      Building a two storey granny flat is an exciting way to add to your property. A two storey granny flat gives you more space, value and additional architectural design opportunities with a chance to create something unique and innovative!

      However, building a two storey granny flat is a vastly different process to any single level building, with additional steps included in the process.

      If you’re thinking about getting started building a two storey granny flat, we’ve put together these tips to help you get the best result. But first, we’ll start with what they are and why people choose to build them.

      What is a two-storey granny flat?

      A two storey granny flat is an additional dwelling on your property separate from the main dwelling, that is built over two levels. A two storey granny flat will still have a kitchen, bathroom(s) and bedroom(s), the same as a single level granny flat, but will be connected by an interior staircase.

      The benefits of two-storey granny flats

      Brick 2 storey granny flat

      If you are considering building a two-storey granny flat, you may already know all the exciting benefits included in having one on your property. Here are some of their advantages and reasons why people choose to build them.

      Space saving

      Building a two storey granny flat gives you more from the space used on your property. It means you can still build a 60m2 granny flat if all you have is 30m2 of useable land available. If you are building with limited space, a two storey granny flat will allow you to build twice as much as if you were building on a single level.

      Exciting designs

      The height and style of two storey granny flats offer an excellent opportunity to create beautiful architectural spaces. Your designer or architect will have a wide range of additional design ideas if you build two storeys instead of one. There are many ways to be creative with a two storey granny flat, from the outside building to the interior staircase.

      Better views

      If you live in an area with a beautiful outlook, a second storey will offer you the opportunity to maximise your views. You’ll be able to see further and can even add a balcony to an upstairs bedroom.

      4 Tips to help you build the 2-storey granny flat of your dreams

      View from top storey of granny flat

      Ready to build a two storey granny flat? Here are our tried and tested tips to help you get the best start on your two-storey granny flat.

      1. Take time planning

      One of the most important tips for building any granny flat or home is to allow enough time for a comprehensive planning period. It can be tempting to rush in and get the building process started, especially if you’ve got the finance sorted and the plans in mind. However, taking the time to plan properly will often save you heartache and stress further down the building journey.

      One of the best ways to ensure you’re on the right track with your investment is to talk to an expert and spend time finding the right builder (more on that in tip #4!). Other areas to make sure you take the time to research include:

      • Your finance options. Make sure you’ve got the correct type of loan if you need it, with the best rates, and don’t forget about insurance!
      • Design features. Ask yourself what you are building this for and what non-negotiables you need.
      • Lifestyle. If the granny flat is for a disabled family member, are stairs going to work? Or do you need to research other accessible granny flat options?
      • Floor plan. Read more on this in tip #3!

      2. Maximise your space

      Council granny flat regulations mean that a two storey granny flat is still restricted to the same floor plan size as a single level, with a total of 60m2. This does not, however, mean you can’t get more space out of a two storey granny flat!

      The vertical space of high ceilings on two levels and the outlook of a view from upstairs are features that a single storey granny flat can’t match.

      A two storey granny flat will also have additional features that take up room, like an internal staircase. A skilled granny flat building team will be able to show you how to turn this ‘lost space’ into an additional feature that adds value to your flat. It could be an architectural masterpiece, adding luxury and style to the granny flat, or you could build it in and create extra storage space and rooms underneath.

      3. Think out your floor plan

      Two storey granny flats bring an added complexity to designing the floor plan.

      The biggest question is what goes on the top floor and what stays on the ground floor. Where do you put the bedrooms, bathrooms, and the dining and living area?

      There are many different types of floor plans and ways to tackle the floor planning of a two storey granny flat. The answer comes down to what you are planning on using it for and what its purpose is.

      The purpose of granny flat projects varies from home to home and family to family. Is this an addition to an investment property you plan on renting out, or is it an extension of your primary home’s living space? Is it being built for an elderly family member to live in or as an option for guests when they come to stay? It could be a work-from-home space, an entertaining area or a way to add rental income to your block.

      You may choose to put bedrooms upstairs and turn the downstairs into an entertainment space or work from home space, making it multi-use as your office from day to day and a place for guests to stay on weekends.

      It could even be a teen retreat and a way to keep your young adult close, with an open downstairs area but added privacy and bedrooms upstairs.

      The best way to know which two storey granny flat design will work for you is to understand its purpose and talk to a granny flat design expert who can help you find your perfect fit.

      4. Talk to the experts

      Whether you are trying to build a luxury granny flat or are on a budget trying to push your granny flat across the line, expert builders are necessary. Your building team is not the area to skimp on budget, as the quality and care you receive will be invaluable in comparison to the risk of an inexperienced builder. Even more so for a two storey granny flat!

      Two storey granny flats involve a lot more detailed work. They require more engineering than single storey granny flats, so it’s important to choose an experienced granny flat builder.

      Even if you are on a tight budget, using a quality professional will save you in the long run, compared to the nightmare you could face from another builder’s inexperience. Double storey granny flats are not the project to risk a shot with someone new to building them.

      Two storey granny flat building experts

      If you’re ready to get started building your dream granny flat, or want to know more about what’s involved in the construction process of building a granny flat in your backyard, give our friendly team a call.

      Our team of two storey granny flat builders have spent more than 40 years perfecting our systems and construction processes to ensure you get the best result. Using our skilled and experienced team, with our added warranty periods, is the only way to have a risk-free build.

      We build up and down the coast of Sydney, Australia, from the Northern Beaches, through the Central Coast and down to Illawarra – wherever you are located in the Sydney region, we have likely already worked on a number of homes and granny flats around you in our decades of experience.

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