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        Top 10 Benefits of Backyard Office Pods + How to Get One!

        In the last few years, working from home has become more common than ever. However, while you may fantasise about getting paid to sit on the couch with the television on, it won’t take long before you realise you still need a separate workplace on-site to kick all your work goals.

        lifestyle pod or outdoor studio can provide a workspace that exceeds anything you can achieve in your garage, shed or study. Today’s blog article is all about the benefits of having a backyard office pod, so let’s get started!

        10 benefits of building a backyard office pod

        Modern design backyard work pod

        Whether you’re running your own business or need a functional area, backyard pods are the way to go. Let’s have a look at just ten reasons why everyone needs a lifestyle pod.

        1. Create the perfect workspace for you

        Each job has its own unique set of requirements. Will you need space for a computer as well as a photocopier and filing cabinet? Perhaps you need room to design, make products or host clients? You could need recording equipment for your studio and a soundproof space to work.

        Whether it’s an office space, workshop, or a luxury backyard studio, a lifestyle pod is the answer.

        You know what puts you in the zone and what your distractions are, so you’v already got the blueprint to design your perfect workspace.

        2. Maintain home and work-life balance

        Work plays an important part in our lives. It’s how we make money and gives us a means of exceeding in the world, however, we mustn’t let it bleed into our home lives.

        One of the biggest learning curves people find when working from home is finding the right balance between happy home life and productive work life. Without a clear separation, you’re at risk of experiencing stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression. A backyard office pod is a perfect solution that’ll result in more productive workdays and a chance to leave your work in the office when spending time with loved ones.

        3. Shorter commute

        No one likes peak hour traffic, slowly crawling forward and taking an hour to travel down the road. Likewise, who wouldn’t happily give up being crammed in on the train like sardines? With a home office, you can wave those journeys goodbye, with your commute literally being a walk in the garden. With fuel prices continuously rising, you’ll have the benefit of cutting down on fuel costs, not to mention your carbon footprint. Most importantly, that time you’re not spending sitting in traffic can be spent relaxing and spending time with friends and family.

        4. More flexibility

        Need to pick up the kids from school and take them to soccer practice? Perhaps you’re long overdue for a dental check-up. Or maybe the delivery of that couch you ordered is due today? With a home office, you can plan your work schedule around appointments and the everyday tasks we all need to complete.

        5. Ongoing expenses are lower

        Renting a space is an expensive proposition, not to mention travel costs, rates and more. While there’s an initial cost to building a lifestyle pod, the huge advantage is, unlike the office you rent, the pod you pay for is your property.

        6. Easier access to Family

        Balancing being a parent and working is something a lot of us must struggle with. The ability to work from home means you can be there for your little ones while having your work area close by for when you have some time set aside. Having that completely separate area means you can leave your work exactly as you want for the next day, as opposed to having to pack it up.

        7. Adds value to your home

        If you’re considering selling your house in the future, the great news is a well-designed home office pod can add value to your home. It can be a fantastic feature that will make your property stand out in the market.

        8. Increase Productivity

        Studies show that if you have a dedicated area for work, your productivity is much more likely to go up. This is because a lifestyle pod helps minimise distractions and can be tailor-made to be your perfect working environment. Research also shows we are creatures of habit so if there is a distinct place you associate with work, you’re more likely to be productive when you’re in that area.

        9. Free up space in your house

        Having an outdoor home office, or at least, an office in a separate building from your actual house, naturally means you won’t be taking up as much space in your home. You won’t have to give up that spare bedroom and the family won’t have to eat around your paperwork spread all over the dining room table.

        10. A spare room you can use

        It’s the weekend and you need somewhere to put down the air mattress. Or, maybe you want to watch a late-night movie and need somewhere to retreat so you don’t keep up the rest of the household. Do you and a family member want to have a heart-to-heart and need a little privacy? Down the line, you’ll retire, and you’ll be able to turn your lifestyle pod into something else, like a games room or an entertainment area.

        How to get a backyard pod for your home

        The key to building a perfect lifestyle pod is to hire the best granny flat builder or freestanding pod builder in your area.

        Need a builder for your backyard office pod?

        Granny Flat Solutions can help take that mental floor plan and translate it into your perfect workspace. Whatever your creature comforts, from air conditioning to windows and glass doors that let in natural light, to a bathroom, our designers have a wide range of options for you. From colour to materials, we can help with all the details and help make a pod where you’re comfortable to let your creativity flourish in style.

        Build a beautiful backyard office pod or create your dream granny flat with our expert builders

        Don’t let the “Granny” in our name fool you. Granny Flat solutions creates stylish and modern lifestyle pods Sydney.

        We care about every detail, big and small and that’s why we have the best granny flat designs in Sydney. So if you’re looking to build a backyard pod, have any questions or would like an obligation-free site inspection and quote, give us a call at 02 9481 7443 or click here to get in touch.

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