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Do You Want To Build A Granny Flat In Windsor?

The backyard shed or a garage converted into living space has obviously come a long way and many homeowners today are choosing to build new granny flats resembling miniaturized houses on their homes. In many parts of Australia and indeed in Windsor, the practice of building these flats has become common, and the flats have many benefits including providing accommodation for the extended family, can be used as a home office or can be rented out for additional income. These types of flats are also known as secondary dwelling homes, secondary homes or just mini homes.

What Makes Granny Flats Such A Hit In Windsor?

There is no question that these structures have significantly increased in popularity in the last couple of years. As teens and adult children stay at their homes for longer owing to high house prices, parents are seeking different ways to enable them become independent as they save for home loans.

These mini homes also appeal greatly to investment property owners since they are quite cheap to construct and could even increase the rental yield to close to 10 per cent. This additional rental income will come in handy for someone paying off their mortgage.

There have been suggestions that these homes can help bridge the housing problem in both Windsor suburban and metropolitan areas which are already crowded.

What Are They Ideal For?

The following are some of the common uses of a typical Windsor granny flat.

homeofficeHOME OFFICES

By easily converting your mini home into a home office, you will save a lot of money that you could have spent on renting a costly commercial space. Other areas that you will save on include travel costs commuting to and from work, the money you could have spent eating out and get even better work/life balance.


A Windsor granny flat can be used to house your aged parents. This way, you avoid taking them to a senior home (which nearly all of them hate) while giving them their independence. It can be a nice residence for the aged parents.


Newlywed couples who are just starting to save for a home loan most likely want a cheap house to rent. By building granny flat in Windsor, parents can help them save for their homes.


You can make extra money by renting out your secondary dwelling. To make even more money, move into the flat and rent the main house. As an investment, a secondary home is positively or neutrally geared even prior to any tax benefits.

multi-purposehobbyroomHOBBY SPACE

If you have hobbies like sewing, woodwork, arts or crafts, you will find a secondary home perfect for you to perform these passions of yours. Note that you will not interfere with your house space.

propertyinvestorsADDING MORE BEDROOMS

You can add one or two bedrooms at a significantly lower cost than having to renovate the whole house. This way, you create more space for your adult children. Once they become fully grown and move out, you can then rent the space to make extra money.


Windsor Granny Flat Builders

At Granny Flats Solutions, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We make sure that we give our clients the best construction for their money because we use only the finest materials for constructions. Expect your Windsor granny flat to add to the attractiveness of your home and at the same time provide an extra space to accommodate your family or even for your private needs.

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