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Granny Flats in Penrith

Meeting the Housing Crisis

Everyone knows that Penrith is a bustling suburb, with world class shopping malls, restaurants, sports facilities, manufacturing and plenty of employment opportunities.  However, Penrith also needs affordable housing!  In answer to the housing need within all the communities of NSW, the State Environmental Planning Policy has begun encouraging the development of secondary dwellings, or granny flats, to increase the supply of affordable rental units.

Granny flats may be used as rental units, as housing for an extra family member or for visiting guests.  They are the ideal solution for the care taking of an elderly parent or for young people who have not yet left home but still need a space of their own.


Penrith Granny Flats Experts

Building A Granny Flat In Penrith

Building A Granny Flat In Penrith

There are no rent provisions specified for granny flats within the Affordable Housing SEPP.  Granny flats are defined as a self-contained secondary dwelling.  The guidelines include that it be established in conjunction with the primary dwelling on the same plot of land.  It can be located within, attached to or built separately from the principle dwelling.

To comply with the Penrith development project, a proposal must be provided that meets all development requirements.  Granny Flats Solutions can help you create your proposal, including architectural design, project managers and licensed builders.  Your secondary dwelling will be built in accordance with all legal specifications and in agreement with the considerations of your community.



Building a secondary structure that compliments your home and adds value to your property requires the experience of skilled professionals.  Granny Flats Solutions team of building professionals has a reputable history of constructing useful, eye-appealing homes throughout the suburbs of Sydney.  They are sensitive to the challenges and needs of your location.  To view some of our beautiful, utilitarian flats, visit our projects page for ideas of what you could do with your currently vacant lot.

A Penrith granny flat is a service to you and your community.  You will increase the aesthetic value of your estate, while enjoying the convenience of an extra mini-home to entertain, assist family members or rent out for extra income.  Our experience will ensure your project is finished quickly, with a progressive eye for the future.  All our constructions meet the guidelines for the Australian Building Standards and for Energy Efficiency.



An attractive lay-out is the first step toward quality service.  The next step is in the construction process.  Our granny flats are built from quality materials that will withstand the rigors of seasonal changes.  You will be pleased with the quality of our construction, with the same painstaking concentration going into the finishing touches as into the placement of the first rafters.  Our secondary homes are built to be comfortable living areas with proper planning for energy and space efficient units.

If you are thinking of building a granny flat in Penrith, contact us for an obligation free consultation.

Find out how you can assist your family, increase the value of your vacant lot, and become a part of Penrith’s exciting, growing community with a granny flat.

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