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Constructing your own Granny flat in Parramatta

Over the years, the garage or backyard shed has been turned into a living space with most people now building new granny flats. New brands are now turning to be the choice of most homeowners who construct them to resemble miniature homes within their properties.

There has been such an increase in construction of granny flats in the Parramatta region of Australia. They usually have numerous benefits to the extent of being referred to as the secondary home. Some people call them mini homes. They can be used to accommodate your extended family, act as your home office or homeowners can decide to rent them for extra income.


Why they are very popular in Parramatta

The cost of renting a house is very high let alone acquiring a new home. Most adult kids and teenagers are forced to stay longer with their parents as they cannot afford new homes. The granny flats offer accommodation to them as they save for their homes. These mini homes are very popular and have grown greatly in the past few years.

For those who have invested in properties, they can construct them to help increase the rental income as they are usually cheap to construct. One can have a 10% rental increase which he or she can use to pay for the mortgages. This way mortgages can be paid without much stress.

The crowded Parramatta suburbs do indeed need them to solve the housing shortage. Actually most people claims they have solved the crowded metropolitan areas.


Advantages and uses of granny flats

They have many beneficial uses which include:

Can be used as home office
One does not have to hire an expensive office at a commercial space. They can be used as offices and usually save a lot as one does not have to travel to work or eat in restaurants making life much easier.

Can house elderly relatives or parents
Most of the elderly people like their independence. Housing them in granny flats gives them a great home and offers the much needed privacy but still next to your house.

Lodge for young married couples
Parents build them to help their young married couples find a home as they save for their own home in the future.

Earn extra rental income
One can decide to rent them for more cash or even move into them and rent their own homes if they really need the extra money. Before any tax benefits they are seen as a neutral or positive investment.

Space for your hobbies
They form a great space to do your hobbies like sewing, arts, crafting and woodwork without using your home space.

Form an extra bedroom
Instead of having to renovate your house, you can create an extra bedroom in them to separate your elder kids from the younger ones. Once they are all grown up and moved, you can still rent them out for more money.


Who are best builders in Parramatta?

If you are living in Parramatta and want to build one, Granny Flat Solutions is the ideal company to do the job for you. Our work is of high quality and gives value for your money. We use high quality materials and have a well dedicated team who can ensure you get only the best. If you need more beauty to your home, the Parramatta granny flats are the choice for you. Apart from the beauty they give the much needed extra space for your many home needs.

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