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Granny Flats in NSW


Over the years, the garage turned or backyard shed living space in NSW has come a long way. In recent years, a lot of homeowners have been inclined toward constructing high quality granny flats resembling miniature houses on their huge properties. Throughout Australia, including New South Wales, the real estate market has seen a major increase in the number of homeowners building these flats.

Granny flats in New South Wales offer numerous benefits. They can be the perfect accommodation for an extended family, and even provide you with a home office. These flats may even help you generate rental income. Such flats are also referred to as secondary dwellings, mini homes and secondary homes.


Why is a Granny Flat in New South Wales Popular?

These flats have grown increasingly popular in the last couple of years. With increasing house prices, and high rents keeping adult kids and teenagers at home for extended periods, parents keep looking for different ways to help kids achieve some sort of independence, while saving a lot of money on home loans.

These flats also appeal to people with investment properties. These mini homes are comparatively cheap to construct. Moreover, they can increase the rental revenue by up to 10%. The extra income you receive from the rent can even help you pay off your mortgage. The weekly rent received from these mini homes can be sufficient to cover your repayments.

Some homeowners have even claimed that these secondary dwellings will solve all kinds of housing shortage problems in the already crowded metropolitan cities and suburban areas in New South Wales.


How Can Granny Flats in NSW Be Used?

As mentioned earlier, these flats have a lot of different uses. They can be used in many different ways to benefit from the construction. Here are some of the most common uses of these secondary dwellings.

Home Offices – With these flats, you can save a lot of money on renting expensive commercial spaces. You will be able to build your own office at your home. You will also be able to save some money on travel costs, food expenses and enjoy a better work/life balance.

Housing Elderly Parents – When you don’t want to put your elderly parents in a home, you can build a mini home to occupy them, and perfectly serve their needs and requirements. Granny flats can be perfect for elderly parents.

Lodging For Young Married Couples – Young married couples always want to save some money on accommodation. These flats can be the perfect places for young married couples in New South Wales.

Rental Income – You can rent out these secondary dwellings to earn some extra money. You can even use the granny flat to live yourself, and rent out the bigger sections of the house to earn even more.

Hobby Space – If you’ve been interested in some hobbies, a granny flat can be the perfect place to spend your time productively.

More Bedrooms – You can easily add another bedroom for less cost than remodeling your entire house. This can help you create a separate space for teenage or adult kids. Once they move out, you can rent the space.


New South Wales Granny Flat Experts

Granny Flats Solutions has always been proud of its high quality work. Our experts are dedicated to providing you with the best construction. In our construction projects, we only use high quality materials. A New South Wales granny flat can add more beauty to your home, and provide you with an additional space for accommodation family members, and private needs.

To learn more about our services, contact us for an obligation-free discussion of your granny flat in New South Wales project.

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