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Granny Flats In Manly: A Growing Investment Trend

The Rush For Granny Flats In Manly

The NSW Department of Planning released a new legislation in 2009 that allowed the erection of granny flats (State Environmental Planning Policy) in Australia, including Sydney’s suburban area Manly. All around Australia, we are seeing a surge in the construction of these small structures and the trend is expected to grow in the future to offer people affordable housing. Granny flats are supposed to be located within or attached to the principal dwelling according to this new legislation. These changes in law thus, provide the perfect opportunity to erect these small dwellings.

Granny flats Are Mini Houses

Granny flat is the generic term used for secondary dwellings on a property- they can be built above a garage or as a separate dwelling or an attached building to the main house. They are sometimes referred to as mini houses and are totally different from the main dwelling. In many cases, Manly granny flats are constructed no more than 60 square metres of living space, and the mini house shares the basic amenities with the main dwelling including sewer, water, electricity and telephone lines.

These structures are also designed in isolation to provide adequate privacy to its dwellers. The house should be constructed in compliance with the planning controls, including setbacks and height, featuring a 450 sqm block size for detached granny, floor space ratio and an open space for local environment plan. It is therefore vital, to hire experts who can erect a granny flat that is not only attractive to tenants, but serve for a long time.

Manly Granny Flat Builders

When it comes to building a premium quality granny flat in Manly, you would be hard pressed to find a better team of experts, who are licensed, than Granny Flat Solutions professionals. All the members of our crew, including builders, in-house certifiers, project managers and architects, are dedicated specialists, who design, approve and construct granny flats of all sizes in Manly at relatively low prices.

We have a wide range of modern designs that you can choose from to easily customise your mini house and add some extra features to it for a unique look. We are also well versed with all Council restrictions and abide to regulatory bodies’ rules. Whether you want a simple and affordable flat, or are looking to erect a miniature luxury dwelling, our knowledgeable team of professionals can work with you to build a flat that will last a lifetime.

The future Of Granny Flats In Manly

In the past few years, granny flats have grown in popularity at such a drastic rate in Manly, and there is no doubt that this trend will continue. Even though they form an essential part of most families, the Local Government is concerned about the impact of these mini houses to the environment. This is because, with the rise in number, new materials for constructions will be needed, meaning new regulations. These small dwellings should not impact the environment negatively. Therefore, it is important to get information from those who build them every day, to ensure that you are treated fairly with regards to price and quality.

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