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Granny Flats In Lane Cove


This is the best time to build granny flats in Lane Cove after the NSW State Government’s legislation authorizing construction across the board. As we go into the future, granny flats will become a commonplace as people seek more affordable rental housing. With time however, this legislation will change as councils demand that the flats be built harmoniously with respective neighbourhoods. This means that now is the most opportune moment to invest in these flats whilst legislation is still easy.


Also known as mini homes, secondary homes or secondary dwellings, granny flats differ from the main buildings, which means that their design must be in such a way that they exist harmoniously with the primary building. These flats should not detract or dominate the front house. Also, they should not be noticeably unsightly. Simply put, sewer, water, telephone and electricity lines should originate from the main house to the secondary dwelling.

The most crucial thing about this type of a flat is that it must be sited in such a way that it creates privacy and separation from the main house. This implies encouraging open spaces as well as visual and acoustic privacy. You must ensure that whoever designs these flats is someone who is experienced and who is truly interested in the final product. This will ensure that the granny flat remains attractive today and also in future.


You can trust Granny Flats Solutions to get your project completed ahead of time. We have a complete team of construction specialists including designers, architects, projects managers and licensed builders who are more than eager to work to ensure that your project is not only completed as stipulated but also in accordance to your own specific needs. Our staff members are driven by the desire to provide excellent, high quality and reliable secondary homes and affordable rates.

In order for any contractor to finish the job within time, he or she must be familiar with all the aspects of the project. Our staffs are properly versed with all the restrictions and regulations imposed by the Council regarding construction of new structures. We are able to provide bespoke solutions which conform to regulations and at the same time erect a granny flat capable of meeting your needs. When you hire us, your project will be in the safe hands of professionals who are not only vastly knowledgeable but who have your best interests at heart.


As it is now, there is no denying that we will be seeing more of secondary homes being erected across Sydney, which also includes Lane Cove. Although both State and Local Governments have seen the need for these structures, they are still worried about how these structures will impact on the infrastructure as well as the general neighbourhoods, concerns that are very valid. As these structures continue to be erected, expect to see new regulations concerning articulation, aspect and materials. Construction of these buildings should be done in such a way that it complements both the built and the natural environment.

Simply put, working with people who have experience in building these flats pays. Before you hire any of them, ensure that you have checked their completed work as well as talk to their former clients. This way, you will get fair treatment in terms of price and quality.

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