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Have You Considered Granny Flats in Epping?

Epping is the ideal location for a granny flat in your backyard or elsewhere on your property.  Epping of Sydney is a lively suburb as well as a central business area with shopping centers, clubs and plenty of public transportation. This is a busy part of the northern suburbs with a population over 20,000.  One new developing trend is the creation of granny flats, built on the same property as a master home.


Advantages of a Granny Flat in Epping

Building a granny flat in Epping

Building a granny flat in Epping

A granny flat is a great choice for adding onto the home and welcoming in a larger or additional family.  This is often why people build these facilities in the first place, letting more individuals live on the land but with full privacy.  This might be an ideal scenario for parents or grandparents, young adults, or even grown children who have married and want to stay close to the family.

Besides that, it makes a lot of sense in terms of real estate value and can even bring in more income.  People can rent out granny flats all year round or for part of the year while they’re away.  Let’s face it, space on your lot isn’t much use if it’s not helping someone, earning you money, or upping the property value.


Knowledgeable, Experience Staff

Of course, creating quality granny flats in Epping can be a challenge.  This is why Granny Flat Solutions offers its contracting services throughout Epping and beyond the greater Sydney area.  Our building experts, made up of an experienced team of architects, designers and contractors can help you build a new project in a short period of time and for a low price.  All of our builders are licensed and know how to build granny flats in the style of Epping, according to community and council standards.


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The Issue of Quality

Quality is the most pivotal issue, and it’s not only so the secondary home will be comfortable and long-lasting, but also because you want the building to meet the national Australian Building Standards as well as local zoning laws and Energy Efficiency guidelines.  Designing a granny flat accurately is no easy feat and when it is done right, it can save you money in electricity costs, especially for hotter and colder months when proper insulation is so important.

Yes, it is possible to take the DIY route, but we always remind our customers that it’s far less expensive to hire a professional the first time around rather than deal with troublesome repairs.  We have had years of experience in working with granny flats of multiple sizes and styles.  We customize your needs and ensure you are 100% satisfied.

If you are interested in taking the next step why not contact Granny Flats Solution in Epping?  There is no obligation to buy.  You can tell us about your idea and we can give you a free fixed price quote.  At Granny Flats Solutions we specialize in custom building that meets your high standards.  Let’s get your new home addition built right!


We can help you build a granny flat in Epping.



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