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Build Your Own Granny Flat in the Eastern Suburbs

Building a Granny Flat in the Eastern Suburbs

Granny Flat Solutions – Building Quality Granny Flats in your backyard

Are you planning to build a granny flat in your own backyard? If the answer is yes, this is the perfect opportunity to find out the various factors and considerations you need to make to ensure the success of your construction project.

There are a number of effective solutions that are created to help people like you have your own granny flat. Granny Flat Solutions offers comprehensive guide on building your granny flat.

Our experience in the field means we can build any type of secondary homes according to the owner’s preferences. You can visit our Projects Page and learn more about our past and existing granny flat projects.


Eastern Suburbs Granny Flat Builders

Live in Eastern Suburbs? If you live in the Eastern Suburbs, you know how large the numbers of home builders are and it is quite difficult to sort through lots of options particularly when you are not knowledgeable of what to look for in a good granny flat builder. Granny Flats Solutions have a team of specialists primarily composed of designers, architects, builders and experienced project managers who are trained to work with commitment and dedication to achieve the goal of providing quality, reliable and fully functional granny flats without breaking your budget.

You need to have extreme familiarity with every part of the project if you want to complete it on time. We have a team that is knowledgeable and familiar with the restrictions councils and other regulating bodies place on the building of new homes or dwellings. We can offer you with tailor-made solutions that are in line with the existing regulations and still construct a mini home that matches with your preferences.


We do not just build ordinary granny flats in the Eastern Suburbs, we have built granny flats in Sydney and regional areas.



Granny Flat Solutions - Western Suburbs

Granny Flat Soutions – On Time and On Budget

A professional builder in Eastern Suburbs who has plenty of successful projects on records will enable you use their experience in accomplishing your dream granny flat.

In the Eastern Suburbs, there is a growing popularity for custom mini homes and if you know where to look, you can find an experienced builder that can offer not only excellent custom granny flat designs but great rates as well.

For examples of our work, please visit our projects page.


Quality Construction

When building a secondary home, you need to make sure that the materials being used are on par with the industry’s standards in building and construction. You may get the most cost effective solution in building your granny flat when you use the services of professionals who already have the necessary experience in creating affordable and fully functional flats without necessarily sacrificing its quality just to meet your budget requirement.

By ensuring that the dwelling is built according to the existing Australian Building standards as well as Energy Efficiency guidelines is the most efficient way of saving money. The very best quality components and finishes make sure that your dwelling is constructed using the highest standards to meet your structural and aesthetical requirements.


If you are planning to build a granny flat in Eastern Suburbs, feel free to contact us at 02 94817443 today and discuss your project with us.





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