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Building A Granny Flat in Castle Hill

The Advantage of Location

Castle Hill is just a short distance from the Sydney Central Business District, making it one of the most bustling and promising locations for real estate.  Because of the rich history, large commercial areas (which includes shopping centers, multiplexes, and landmarks, it is a great suburb to live in.  There are also many walking trails, marked tracks and platypus loops throughout the area, giving a strong community sense to the suburb.

Thinking of building a Granny Flat in Castle Hill?

Thinking of building a Granny Flat in Castle Hill?

With its appeal, Castle Hill is also the ideal location for building a granny flat and generating a little extra income.  Castle Hill residents are cashing in on the desirability of their location to create secondary dwelling for short term and long term visitors.  New housing strategies allow the development of low-rise units that can offset the cost of maintaining your property.

Granny flats have a special appeal.  The modestly built units are attractive, while serving a variety of purposes.  Your flat could be your guesthouse, a small rental cottage, an office for your business, or a get-away to pursue your craftsmanship, with enough space to show case your best work.


Castle Hill Granny Flats Experts

The word is, granny flats are here to stay.  The convenience of a secondary structure means more quality family time and more options on how you spend it.  When building a secondary home, you want experts in design, space utilization and quality construction.  Granny Flats Solutions builds in compliance with all government regulatory restrictions, offering you comfortable, architecturally pleasing modest structures to rent, lease or use for your own private needs.

You’ll find our team of experts economical with both space and time.  Our goal is to serve you quickly, delivering the best options, materials and craftsman to build the granny flat of your dreams according to all specifications.

We don’t just build granny flats in Castle Hill. We have successfully completed projects all over Sydney and regional suburbs.


Experience Builders Working For You

The best quality work comes with experience.  Granny Flats Solutions has not only built a number of fine quality structures in Castle Hill, but have graced the properties in suburbs throughout the area of Sydney.  Take a look at our projects page to see what you could be doing with your vacant lot.

With experience comes efficiency.  Take a load off your mind when planning your secondary dwelling.  Our well organized team will coordinate not only the best design to compliment your property assets, but will ensure that all the highest quality in materials and construction methods are used.



Your appealing location means you’ll want the best in quality materials, craftsmanship and design.  You’ll be pleased with the reasonable rates of Granny Flats Solution, mastering the best in building construction from rafters to the finishes.  All flats are built to meet the Australian Building Standards and Energy Efficiency guidelines, so that you don’t have to worry about hidden expenses or health compromises.  This all makes your investment a smart and solid plan for the future.

If you are considering building a granny flat in Castle Hill, contact us for an obligation free consultation.  You’ll be glad you did.



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