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Canterbury Granny Flats

Granny Flat in Canterbury – Getting Increasingly Popular

Recently, the New South Wales Government introduced a new legislation that allows construction across the board. Thus, it’s the perfect time to build granny flats. In the coming years, these constructions will be more prevalent to meet the increasing demand of rental housing. According to industry experts, there may be some changes to the legislation in future. Therefore, it’s the right time to get started. Currently, the legislation is quite easy to conform to.


Granny Flats Are Now Like Mini Homes

These flats are also called secondary dwellings, mini homes or secondary homes. These buildings should be designed to co-exist in harmony with the primary construction on the property. These buildings should not detract from or dominate the front house. Similarly, they should not look unsightly. These mini homes also need to share the infrastructure with the rest of your house. In simple terms, electricity, sewer, telephone and water lines should run from the main construction to the mini home.

One of the most important aspects of these flats is that they should be constructed to create separation and privacy from the main house. Thus, there should be separate open spaces, and appropriate visual and acoustic privacy. It’s very important that these mini homes are specifically designed by experienced and skilled professionals. The new construction should be attractive to tenants for many years.


Canterbury Granny Flat Experts

Granny Flats Solutions makes sure that the project completes on time. We hire qualified and skilled specialists to work on the project. Our team comprises of designers, architects, project managers and licensed builders working with commitment and dedication toward achievement of the primary goal. Our primary goal is to provide customers with quality, reliable and excellent mini homes at affordable prices.

It’s important to be familiar with different aspects of the project. In order to finish the project in time, you need to hire experienced professionals. Our specialists are well versed with all the restrictions the Council and other concerned bodies place on the building and construction of secondary homes.

Our company can provide you with customized solutions conforming to regulations, and build a granny flat suitable to your needs, requirements and lifestyle. This is the primary reason homeowners in Canterbury have always preferred our company. We always consider your specific requirements to provide the best services.


Future of Granny Flat in Canterbury

It’s quite obvious that homeowners will be more inclined toward granny flats right across Sydney. State and Local Governments have recognized the importance of secondary homes in properties. These homes will have a major impact on the infrastructure in Canterbury and other neighborhoods. However, builders have been a bit worried. As more of these dwellings are constructed, there will be a lot of new regulations about articulation, aspect and materials used.

These secondary homes should be created and sited to look natural and sympathetic to the surrounding environment. It’s always better to hire professionals to build your granny flat. Before you make a choice, you should check the company’s previous projects, and consult previous customers and testimonials. This will make sure you’re treated fairly.

If you are thinking of building a granny flat in Canterbury, contact Granny Flat Solutions for an obligation free discussion today.



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