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Building A Granny Flat In Auburn

Due to increasing real estate prices and more burden on the housing market in Auburn, more people have been considering extending their homes and building additional living spaces. This has been the primary reason for an increasing number of granny flats in the city. These miniature homes can be perfect for a good sized property. The Auburn real estate market has witnessed a rapid growth. Due to this, people have been more interested in these constructions.

A lot of homeowners don’t realize, but granny flats can offer various benefits to suit a homeowner’s needs, requirements and lifestyle. These flats have many different applications. They can be built to serve as home offices, investment properties or simply provide an additional space for a family member. The other industry terms used for these flats are secondary homes, secondary dwellings and mini homes.


Why Is A Granny Flat In Auburn A Popular Concept?

As mentioned earlier, these flats have been extremely popular in Auburn. Since the real estate prices in Auburn have been increasing, adult kids and teenagers have been forced to compromise their independence, and live with their parents for extended periods. Although parents want their kids to enjoy freedom, they even want to save some money. Secondary homes are perfect for such families.

In addition to this, mini homes are also the perfect investment properties. They are easy to build and maintain. Moreover, they are also cost effective. They can easily increase the overall rental value of your home. You can even use the additional income to pay off the pending mortgage on your home. These homes are the perfect solution for suburban cities like Auburn.


How Can Granny Flats Be Used?

These flats have many different applications and uses. Homeowners can use these spaces in many different ways according to their lifestyle and basic needs. Some common uses have been discussed below.

Home Offices – Mini homes can serve as perfect home offices. They allow you to save a huge amount of money on travel and food expenses. You can work from your home, and enjoy a much better lifestyle.

Housing Elderly Parents – Children never want their parents to stay in care homes. However, financial constraints and lack of space may force them to take this decision. Granny flats can be perfect for your elderly parents.

Homes for Young Married Couples – Young married couples have to take care of various responsibilities. Thus, spending a good amount of money on accommodation can be difficult. Mini homes can be perfect for these couples.

Rental Income – Granny flats can be rented out to earn a good income. Moreover, you can move into these flats yourself, and rent out major sections of the house to earn more money.

Hobby Space – If you have some hobbies, these flats can be perfect to participating in these hobbies, and spend your time productively.

More Bedrooms – These flats can be an affordable way to add more space in your home. You can construct these spaces for your kids, and rent them out when your kids find a place of their own.


Auburn Granny Flat Builders

Granny Flat Solutions has been offering high quality services in New South Wales for a long time. Our skilled and qualified professionals are committed and dedicated to provide homeowners with the best construction services. Our company uses only high quality materials, and make sure you get the best value for money. An Auburn granny flat will not only make your home look more beautiful, but also support various aspects of your lifestyle.


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