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        Why People Are Raving About Self-Sustainable Granny Flats

        Over the last few decades, with climate change and rising energy costs, the importance of being eco-friendly has never been so prominent. Being aware of this and then taking steps to ensure your new granny flat is self-sustainable will allow you to build a flat with a low carbon footprint while maintaining a high standard of living.
        Just a few choices can make a difference, with a self-sustainable granny flat harbouring the potential to use up to 90% less energy and reduce your CO2 emissions by 90%. So, with that in mind, let’s look at how you can cut down on your energy bill costs and your carbon footprint in your next granny flat build.

        What Makes a Building Passive?

        When it comes to creating a self-sustainable granny flat, it’s all about making many smaller decisions regarding the architectural design that will add up to an environmentally friendly whole. However, a few simple steps executed well can make a difference to your granny flat’s sustainability.

        Correct Orientation

        The very orientation of your house plays a huge role in determining how self-sustainable it is. The basic goal of a well-positioned granny flat is to work with seasonal variations rather than against them, using the elements to keep heat in during the winter and provide shade and relief during those scorching summers.

        Proper Insulation

        Hidden away in the walls, it can be easy to take insulation for granted, but it’s a key component to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Properly installed insulation can cut your heating and cooling costs by half. Chat to your builder about the best insulation for your project because getting it right will make a massive difference to your comfort and energy costs.

        Proper Windows

        Around 40% of your house’s heating can be lost through windows, while a whopping 87% of heat can be gained. It goes to show how influential your choice of windows could be on your granny flat’s temperature. You have a range of options – including double glazing, using energy-efficient material for the frame, and installing quality blinds – for improving your energy efficiency through your window design.

        It’s not just about the type of windows you choose, but where you place them within your building. Finding the perfect place for your window will allow you to make the most of your surroundings and the weather.

        No Air Leakages

        When it comes to keeping a steady, comfortable temperature in your granny flat, air leakages are something you’ll want to avoid. Air leakage is when air enters or leaves your home uncontrolled through cracks and openings. This leads to erratic temperature changes in your home, with too much or not enough heat coming into the building. However, with the proper guidance from a quality builder, you can create a design that eliminates air leakage.

        No Thermal Bridges

        A thermal bridge is when a part of your building has a higher thermal conductivity than its immediate surroundings. This creates an area for heat to enter or escape, leading to a less stable temperature in your granny flat. Being aware of this and creating designs that avoid thermal bridges means you can be sure your granny flat will remain comfortable year-round.

        Heat Recovery Ventilation

        A Heat Recovery Ventilator is a device that removes stale air from your home and replaces it with fresh air, making your living space cleaner, healthier and more pleasant to be in. This helps counterbalance the airtightness of your eco-friendly design, leading to stable temperature while disposing of stale air, giving your home a fresher, healthier feel.

        Bonus tips to take your energy saving to the next level

        • Installing solar panels is a great way to cut down on power bills while helping the environment. The Government often offers solar rebates, so it’s worth investigating your eligibility.
        • When designing your granny flat, ask your builder for ways to make your building more self-sustainable. They’re experts for a reason and will have plenty of ideas and the know-how to put them into action.

        What are the benefits of a Self-Sustainable Granny Flat?

        So now you know the steps you can take to make your Granny Flat more sustainable, but what are the benefits of doing all this?

        • More Comfortable Year-Round

        Because all the groundwork has been done in the design, one of the best features of an eco-friendly home is a stable temperature more often, without lifting a finger.

        • Environmental Benefits

        The importance of looking after our environment is a more significant concern than ever, and a self-sustainable granny flat can help you manage your carbon footprint. By incorporating the right design choices, your granny flat could use 90% less energy and reduce your CO2 emissions by 90%. Not only will you get to save some cash, but you can take comfort knowing you’re doing your part for the environment.

        • Cost Benefits

        s much as we love Australia, it’s hard to deny the weather doesn’t muck about. Scorching summer days and freezing winter nights can lead to using heaters and air-con non-stop, which, unfortunately, will start showing on your energy bill. In addition, poorly designed houses don’t take advantage of natural light, meaning you must turn the light on, even in the middle of the day! A self-sufficient granny flat will create a comfortable temperature more often, which means less need for air-con and lighting, allowing more money to stay in your bank account. While the initial cost will be more, you’ll save a bundle in the long run with lower energy bills.

        • Better Investment

        Not only does it save you money in bills, but a self-sustainable granny flat will also look very good to buyers should you ever decide to sell. With sustainability becoming more and more the norm, your granny flat will age well in an evolving property market. The same benefits you experienced will provide a great selling point for the house.

        Get the right team for your self-sustainable granny flat

        Knowing the steps you need to take to create a self-sustainable granny flat is a great start, but you need someone who has the expertise to bring these ideas to life. Granny Flat Solutions are here to help! Building granny flats are our specialty, so we know all the ins and outs of creating the perfect eco-friendly design for you.

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