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        Understanding Granny Flat Prices in Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra: What You Need to Know Before Investing in a Granny Flat

        In the thriving real estate market of Sydney, Central Coast, and Illawarra, Granny Flats have emerged as a prominent investment option for many homeowners. The average cost to build these supplementary dwellings can vary across regions.

        In Sydney, where the demand is high and land space is at a premium, prices tend to be on the higher side. Areas like the Central Coast and Illawarra may offer slightly more competitive pricing due to larger land sizes and different council requirements while still commanding a significant investment.

        If you’re interested in building a Granny Flat in one of the strongest markets in Australia, you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through all the information you need about pricing, from Granny Flat designs to budget and materials to getting council approval. Let’s dive in!

        Western Sydney - St Clair

        Granny Flat ROI Calculator

        Overview of Granny Flat Prices in Sydney

        Sydney has witnessed a surge in the construction of Granny Flats in recent years. With rising house prices and the continuous demand for affordable rental spaces, many property owners see the benefits of adding these self-contained dwellings to their land.

        Given Sydney’s premium property values and high-quality standards, Granny Flat prices can be relatively more expensive compared to other regions. Yet, with the potential for significant rental income and increased property value, many in the area consider it a worthwhile investment.

        Factors Affecting the Prices

        Granny Flat prices in Sydney can vary based on multiple criteria. The average cost to build a Granny Flat in Sydney hovers at around $200,000, with the potential to range from $150,000 to a high-end figure of $350,000.

        Prime suburbs like Bondi, Manly, or Paddington, with their smaller average land size of 70m² and specific zoning requirements, can have an impact on the overall costs. What’s more, Sydney’s higher labour and material rates, driven by its metropolitan demand, contribute to the elevated costs compared to areas like the Central Coast and Newcastle.

        Another influencing factor is the type of amenities desired; flats in Sydney typically feature more luxurious inclusions. Specific council requirements and the need for development approvals, especially in heritage or environmentally protected regions, can also weigh in on the final price.

        Average Price in Sydney

        Building a Granny Flat in Sydney comes with its unique cost dynamics. According to recent CoreLogic data from 2020, the median price of a Granny Flat in Sydney is $735,000, although it’s essential to know the difference between purchasing prices and construction costs.

        On the construction front, the average building cost is approximately $200,000. However, this figure can fluctuate widely, ranging from a more modest $150,000 for basic designs to upwards of $350,000 for premium, customised flats in prime locations.

        Central Coast Aerial View

        Image credit:

        Granny Flat Prices on the Central Coast

        Overview of Granny Flat Prices on the Central Coast

        The Central Coast, nestled between Sydney and Newcastle, offers a unique blend of coastal beauty and urban convenience, making it an appealing spot for Granny Flat investments. Prices here are somewhat more affordable than in metropolitan Sydney.

        CoreLogic data from 2020 indicates that the median price of a Granny Flat on the Central Coast is $541,000. The diverse range of suburbs, each with its distinct charm, and the presence of both bustling hubs and serene retreats play a role in the range of Granny Flat costs across this region.

        Factors Affecting Granny Flat Prices on the Central Coast

        Several factors influence the pricing of Granny Flats on the Central Coast. Locations closer to key amenities or the Pacific Highway, such as Gosford or Terrigal, often fetch a premium due to high demand and convenience.

        Land size and zoning regulations vary across suburbs like Erina, Woy Woy, or Tuggerah, potentially impacting the type and size of Granny Flats that can be built.

        Moreover, the Central Coast’s natural landscapes, from lakes to beaches, mean that properties with water views or closer proximity to these natural features can command higher prices, reflecting the region’s unique blend of coastal allure and lifestyle benefits.

        What’s the Average Price: Cost of Building a Granny Flat on the Central Coast

        On the Central Coast, constructing a Granny Flat can be notably more affordable than in metro areas like Sydney. The average expense for building a Granny Flat here hovers around $150,000.

        However, prices can range from a more modest $100,000 to upwards of $250,000, contingent upon factors such as size, design quality, finishes, and the specific location within the Central Coast region. The larger land sizes and the region’s diverse property types contribute to this price range.

        Illawarra Region, NSW - Aerial View

        Image credit:

        Granny Flat Prices in the Illawarra region

        Overview of Granny Flat Prices in the Illawarra region

        With its scenic coastal views and growing infrastructure, the Illawarra region has witnessed a surge in real estate demand, including interest in Granny Flats. The Granny Flat market in Illawarra is burgeoning, both as a solution for extended family housing and as a lucrative rental income opportunity.

        Property owners in this region are keen to capitalise on the available land space, especially in suburbs like Wollongong, Shellharbour, and Kiama. As a result, there has been a noticeable uptick in demand for Granny Flat builders, catering to various budgets and design preferences.

        Factors Affecting Granny Flat Prices in the Illawarra region

        In the Illawarra region, land size and topography, particularly in suburbs like Wollongong, can influence the costs of building Granny Flats, given the varying terrains from coastal plains to hilly areas.

        Zoning regulations, especially in conservation areas around Kiama and Thirroul, might impose specific design and construction requirements, affecting the price.

        Additionally, the region’s increasing tourism appeal has led to a higher demand for premium finishes and amenities in Granny Flats, especially those intended for short-term rentals. Local council requirements and heritage considerations, particularly in older suburbs, can also introduce additional costs to the construction process.

        What’s the Average Price: Cost of Building a Granny Flat in the Illawarra Region

        The Illawarra region, with its picturesque landscapes and proximity to both Sydney and the South Coast, presents a diverse range of Granny Flat prices. On average, constructing a Granny Flat in the Illawarra area can fall between the ranges observed in Sydney and the Central Coast, typically hovering around $160,000 to $280,000.

        Factors like location, design intricacies, and chosen amenities play a pivotal role. Given the region’s topographical variety, sites closer to the coastline, like Shellharbour, might command slightly higher prices due to the premium on sea-view properties and specific construction requirements.

        Benefits of Building a Granny Flat in Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra


        In Sydney, homes with Granny Flats are becoming sought-after for those looking to buy or rent, given the bustling real estate market. Renting out a bedroom or the entire living space can provide homeowners with an additional income stream.

        These projects, whether large or small, usually come complete with a kitchen, bathroom, or living room, offering everything a tenant or family member might need. Plus, the experience of maximising your block of land strategically can be both financially and personally rewarding.

        Central Coast

        The Central Coast provides a myriad of opportunities for homeowners to either buy or put up homes for sale with the added value of a Granny Flat. The details of each project, whether a spacious bedroom or a cosy kitchen, can cater to a large range of renters — from those looking for a cheap rental option to those wanting a more luxurious stay.

        The versatility of these homes means they can be tailored to fit any site or block, enhancing the property in multiple ways.


        In the Illawarra region, homes with Granny Flats are becoming increasingly popular. Those looking to buy in the area often seek properties with the extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities that Granny Flats provides.

        These additions are perfect for those who wish to rent out space, offering both large and small living room options to potential tenants. From a cheap and basic setup to more detailed and luxurious designs, there’s a Granny Flat project for every block, suiting the needs and experience levels of a range of homeowners.


        Taking the Next Step: Investing in a Future-Proof Asset

        Granny Flats in regions like Sydney, the Central Coast, and Illawarra offer an architectural product and a valuable asset to homeowners. They enhance the value of your backyard space, all while providing potential financial benefits.

        If you’ve got questions about the entire process, our dedicated team at Granny Flat Solutions is here to assist you every step of the way. Our website showcases testimonials and a blog with all the latest news about the NSW Granny Flat market, giving you a comprehensive overview of everything you need.

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