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        Why It’s Better to Build a Home Office Than Rent One 

        Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to work from home, a lot of workers have been reluctant to return to their office workplaces. Setting up a home office gives employees and business owners a work-life balance. It’s been found to increase productivity, reduce stress levels and save hours commuting.

        But finding room within your home to convert to an office isn’t practical and possible for everyone. The lack of separation between family life and the office can be problematic. So, is renting office space away from home the only solution?

        Let’s look at how to overcome expensive rent, unpredictable lease terms and unreasonable landlords by building a dedicated home office in your backyard and why it’s the future of working from home.

        Why Leasing an Office or Co-Working Space Doesn’t Work

        One of the most convincing arguments for renting office space is that it allows workers and business owners to focus on their work. But this isn’t really true if you consider how much uncertainty comes with renting office spaces. From lease negotiations and rent rises to maintenance and repairs, sole traders and small business owners can find themselves wasting a lot of time worrying about office space instead of doing their jobs.

        Co-working spaces available on a short-term basis are sometimes touted as an alternative, but with that comes noise, mess, and privacy concerns.

        Why a Separate Home Office is the Future of Working from Home

        You’ve tried setting up the spare room, but you can’t stop going in there after hours. You’ve set up a desk in your bedroom, but now you find yourself lying awake at night thinking about tomorrow’s meeting. You can’t hear your colleagues on your weekly Zoom call over the kids in the next room. While proximity to your home has its perks when it comes to working from home, sometimes it can be a little too close for comfort and concentration.

        Building and designing a dedicated home office creates a clear distinction between your home and work environments, it creates a sense of peace and privacy, and it allows you to mentally clock off when your workday is over. Having a separate, isolated space will also add an enormous amount of value to your home.

        Key Design Considerations for a Healthy Home Office

        The advantage of building a home office over renting an office is that it can be designed for your individual requirements. Creating an inspiring, creative space requires a certain amount of planning, but following these tips will ensure your home office design helps boost productivity while you’re working.

        • Make it spacious: Using an existing room within your home isn’t likely to provide you with enough space to keep your business organised or provide you with the storage that you’ll need to house all of your equipment or technology, so consider the benefits of having a dedicated building to work from.
        • Consider access: If you need to bring clients to your home or you’ll be working alongside colleagues or employees, do you want them walking through your home? A standalone building or one with separate access may better suit your needs.
        • Make it a quiet, peaceful space: Use soundproofing to keep noise distractions such as traffic, pets, and family to a minimum for meetings and Zoom calls.
        • Consider a multi-purpose office design: Building a home office or studio allows you to customise the design to suit your needs. An open plan with few walls is an ideal layout if it will only serve as a home office, but creating different zones may allow you to use the space for several purposes if your needs change in the future.
        • Keep the style calm and relaxing: Having a beautiful space in which to work can be motivating and reflect your personal style, but it should also look professional. If you’re sharing the space with employees or colleagues, make it as comfortable and inviting as possible.
        • Make it bright and airy: Designing your space with good ventilation and the correct lighting will help keep you healthy and avoid eye strain and headaches. Consider adding indoor plants for extra comfort and to combat sickness and stress.
        • Invest in the best furniture and equipment you can afford: Ergonomic chairs are great, but what about a footstool? Is a standing desk a better solution for your workspace? Where will you sit for client meetings? Think about your needs, prioritise them and invest accordingly.
        • Design your workstation for a productive work environment: Consider where your technology will fit and how your space can be designed to be as efficient as possible. For example, is there enough room for a second computer screen in your layout, or will a simple laptop work for you? Are there enough power points in your space for all of your devices? 
        • Don’t forget a break zone: A home office with a kitchenette will save you from traipsing back into the house for coffee and becoming distracted while having a courtyard to wander into is a great place to stretch and prevent eye strain.

        Cost Benefits of Home Office vs Rented Office 

        As well as saving money on your commute to an office, building a home office can work to your advantage for tax purposes

        The Australian Taxation Office states that if you set aside a specific area exclusively for working from home, you may be able to claim deductions such as cleaning and maintenance. You may also be able to claim running expenses such as water and electricity and motor vehicle trips between your home and other locations.

        The Quickest and Easiest Way to Build a Sydney, Central Coast, or Newcastle Home Office 

        When it comes to designing an inspiring and creative space that suits your requirements and your budget, employing a company such as Granny Flat Solutions to construct your new home office will take all of the hard work out of it for you. Granny Flat Solutions conducts an on-site assessment, organises council approval and can have your new home office up and running in just a few weeks.

        You can take advantage of their Designer Range plans or customise a style and layout to suit your business requirements.

        For high-quality solutions for your Sydney home office from a multi-award-winning Granny Flat builder, contact Granny Flat Solutions today at 1300 259 677

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