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        Top 7 Benefits of Granny Flats with Garages

        Whether you live in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, or Newcastle, there’s a trend in Granny Flat designs that’s becoming increasingly popular — the addition of a garage.

        A Granny Flat with a garage is more practical, adds more value to your Granny Flat and home, and gives families additional space.

        Let’s look at some of the other reasons Granny Flat garages are proving popular and how to find the best Granny Flat builders in Sydney and beyond to make sure you get the second dwelling you deserve.

        The Benefits of Granny Flats with Garages

        Whether your Granny Flat is used as a guest suite, to boost your rental income, or to accommodate multi-generational living, a garage is becoming as essential to Granny Flat designs as the bedroom, kitchenette, and bathroom, and here’s why:

        1. A Granny Flat with a garage can boost your property value.
        2. It keeps vehicles safe and secure and out of the elements.
        3. A separate entrance to the Granny Flat adds an extra level of security and convenience.
        4. It adds to the functionality of your Granny Flat and can be used as a multi-purpose room — for storage, a workshop, a home office, or an all-year living area.
        5. It adds to the versatility of your Granny Flat as it gives residents their own space and independence, making it ideal for family members or as a rental option.
        6. It can help boost your rental income as many tenants desire additional space.
        7. A Granny Flat with a garage can be a stylish and practical addition to your backyard, designed to complement the architecture of your home.

        Multi-Functional Space

        A garage in a Granny Flat can serve multiple purposes beyond just a parking space. It can be transformed into a storage area, workshop, home gym, or even an office space, providing flexibility as the homeowner’s needs evolve.

        Enhanced Privacy and Security

        Having a garage offers additional privacy and security, not just for vehicles but for valuable items that need safe storage. This aspect is particularly appealing to those who value their privacy and want to keep their belongings secure.

        Increased Property Appeal and Value

        Granny Flats with garages are highly attractive to potential renters or buyers, increasing the property’s appeal and overall market value. This is especially relevant in urban areas like Sydney, Newcastle, and the Hunter Valley, where space and parking are at a premium.

        Convenience and Accessibility

        Having direct access from a garage to a living space, especially in adverse weather conditions, is the ultimate convenience. It’s also a boon for individuals who require more accessible living arrangements, providing an easier and safer way to enter the home.

        Additional Living Space Potential

        As needs change, a garage space can be converted into additional living space in the future. This could be a cost-effective way to expand living areas without the need for extensive Granny Flat renovations.

        Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

        Modern Granny Flat garages can be designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating features like solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and energy-efficient lighting, aligning with eco-friendly living practices.

        Protection from the Elements

        Granny Flats in Newcastle and Sydney will benefit from a garage to keep vehicles safe from sea salt spray, which can cause rust and corrosion problems. Granny Flats in the Hunter Valley also need to provide protection from hail and strong winds, as the Hunter Valley can see nearly twice as many severe storms each year as coastal areas. Frosts and snowfalls can also be an issue in some areas of the Hunter.

        Tricks of the Trade

        • Did you know that Granny Flat Solutions aren’t just Sydney Granny Flat Builders? We also build Granny Flats on the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Valley. We have display homes and hold open homes each weekend, and we recommend you visit a few before you settle on a design to experience all the possibilities. You can find out more information on our Contact Us page.
        • Granny Flat Solutions aims to make the process of Granny Flat building as seamless as possible for your convenience. One of the ways we do this is with our online Granny Flat builder site check tool. Simply type in your address and choose your Granny Flat design with garage, and we can give you an estimate of the cost. Because customer service is so important to us, we also offer free site inspections and quotes to help you get started on your Granny Flat journey.
        • From Sydney to Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, zoning regulations and the building permits required will differ significantly. Granny Flat Solutions can guide you through the process and take care of council approvals for you, leading to a faster and stress-free build for you. Read more about the participation levels we offer in our Guide to Getting Started Building Your Granny Flat.
        • Our Granny Flat Designer Range is designed to suit any block or budget. Whether you’re after a Lifestyle Pod or a 4-bedroom Granny Flat, we have the design to suit you. If you’re after something more versatile, our Custom Design Granny Flats fit your specific needs and unique property layout.
        • For more ideas on how to seamlessly integrate your garage into your living space, view our range of Completed Granny Flat Projects for inspiration.

        Why Our Customers are Choosing Us

        Many people choose a Granny Flat design that includes a garage because they want it to feel like a ‘real home’. Take our past client, Teresa, from the Sydney suburb of Killara. Teresa built a home for her parents in her backyard and she was extremely pleased with the result by Granny Flat Solutions and the way the layout suited the way her parents live and how it matched her existing art deco-style home. You can read more about Teresa’s experience building with Granny Flat Solutions here.

        Evgeny from Whalan had different ideas when it came to building a Granny Flat with a garage as it was to be rented out. Impressed with the speed of the build by Granny Flat Solutions, Evgeny says the retail yield of the property significantly increased thanks to the new Granny Flat. See more of the ‘high-quality, homey Granny Flat’ here.

        At Earlwood, the homeowners wanted the garage to make an impression and that it does! This is a great example of how a garage can add functionality to your Granny Flat while also being a stylish feature.

        As you can see from the interior picture, this garage is great flexi-space that can easily be used as a workshop, home office, or even as a guest suite. See more of our Earlwood Granny Flat here.

        On the Central Coast, this beautiful Granny Flat at Umina Beach makes the most of its long garage with storage and a second water closet, and it even features dog washing facilities for the ultimate in convenience for beach-side living.

        We Really Go Beyond That!

        Granny Flat Solutions has been building second dwellings in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and the Hunter Valley for decades, so we know all there is to know about Granny Flats. With a reputation for high-quality construction and excellent customer service, it’s no wonder we’re the only multi-award-winning Granny Flat company.

        From offering bespoke designs to catering to the unique challenges of your site and keeping you informed throughout the construction process, we’re here to manage your Granny Flat build from start to finish. Whether your Granny Flat is an investment or to keep your loved ones close, you deserve the very best, so give Granny Flat Solutions a call today on 1300 160 320.

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