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Exactly What Is Considered A Granny Flat In Sydney?


It’s easy to understand why there is confusion regarding granny flats in Sydney, since the term is an all-encompassing way to refer to multiple styles of accessory suites on the same property.  Ordinarily, properties contain one dwelling unit, giving the homeowner an extra large yard or garden and forest territory.  However, many homeowners have thought outside the box and re-imagined a more luxurious and practical use for all that unused space by building secondary homes—not just garages or storage spaces, but residential units.


Why Call Granny Flat Builders?


These units are far from limited, and can easily reach the size of a 1-2 bedroom apartment, not to mention their capacities for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.  Contrary to some rumours you might have heard, it is not illegal to build granny flats unless the municipality specifically states that secondary structures cannot conform to zoning laws.  Usually, illegal granny flats are made illegal through negligent building; they are either built by amateurs, or developed without the necessary permits, or part of a DIY project that does not conform to local building standards.


This is precisely why you ought to contact professional granny flat builders in Sydney, since they make it their job to be informed about local zoning laws and building codes.  You don’t have to settle for a standardized, boring-looking unit either.  For instance, you can use your imagination and explain precisely what you want to our team of builders and be ensured of a quality project that conforms to all laws, while still achieving your vision.


These so called “mother-in-law houses” are often used to provide living quarters for extended family.  Retired parents, children, relatives, or even family friends may want to live close to the family, or be in need of a low-cost dwelling unit.  There is certainly nothing illegal about taking care of one’s family!  There may be special need to build such a feature if and when aged parents become physically unable to take care of themselves, and yet a nursing home is not a feasible option.  A secondary home would allow the person to live a short distance away from the able-bodied homeowner or his/her family.  It would practically become an “assisted living facility” for your personal use—and one that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for every month for an indefinite period of time.


Other homeowners are more industrious about the possibility and rent out granny flats to qualified renters. Sydney and the greater Sydney area is one of the cities that has a free market for secondary suites, provided they all conform to zoning laws.


What Kind of Granny Flats in Sydney Will You Choose?


Granny flat builders can build you practically anything you find interesting, from attached homes, or semi-attached homes or even completely detached homes.  For instance, you might find use for a secondary unit above a rear detached garage, or above your own main residential dwelling.  There are also basement suites and guesthouses to consider.  Typically, these homes do not share a main entrance with the established home but have a separate entrance and or exit, allowing for full privacy.


If you are interested in granny flat builders in Sydney then consider our company, the leader of the Sydney market, and the only company who can guarantee you full compliance with the law, and complete adherence to your vision.  Granny Flats Solutions can be reached at 02 94817443 for a free consultation.  Let us know what your future plans are and how we can help make them a reality!





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