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        Adapting Granny Flats and Studios for Remote Work

        Whether you run your own business, you’re an employee, you telecommute for part of the week, or even WFH (work from home), having somewhere quiet and organised to conduct business has become an essential part of all modern homes. Because most of our homes weren’t designed with remote work in mind, multipurpose Granny Flats or studios provide the perfect opportunity to get the space you require while also being flexible enough to meet a range of future needs. 

        So, let’s take a look at the best ways to design your Granny Flat or studio so that it can comfortably accommodate remote working while remaining true to its purpose as a flexible space. 

        How Many People Require A Remote Office Space?

        Data from last year shows that nearly 40% of Australians regularly work from home. In some occupations, two-thirds of people regularly work from home. With an increasing focus on work-life balance and the cost of living, it seems that remote work will only continue to grow in popularity. 

        Opt for Multipurpose Design

        One of the greatest things about Granny Flats is that they are often equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom, making them an ideal standalone office. Unlike a home office tucked away in a corner of your home, a Granny Flat is a self-contained space that ensures that both productivity and privacy won’t be compromised.

        Whether you intend to use your Granny Flat as a multipurpose space or solely as a home office, your requirements may change in the future, so it always pays to consider this when designing your layout. Functionality, flexibility, and adaptability will ensure your Granny Flat adds value to your home and suits your current lifestyle. 

        Incorporating ergonomics, multipurpose furniture, and smart home technology into your Granny Flat design ensures it can be comfortable for a range of uses. 

        Plan for Flexibility and Functionality

        It is simpler than ever to design Granny Flats to easily transition between living areas and home offices without complication. Try some of these ideas for a seamless switch on the weekends.

        1. Furniture and Decor

        • Opt for flexible furniture options like ottomans and coffee tables with storage. This will easily transform the Granny Flat from a casual entertaining area to a comfortable guest space.
        • As a Granny Flat has limited room, hidden furniture pieces such as a sofa bed or Murphy bed make adapting your space for another use easy. Modern options make your space stylish while allowing guests to be comfortable. Use your creativity when it comes to larger furniture pieces that offer flexibility.  
        • Keep the decor and colour scheme professional for all those Zoom calls. Use smart storage solutions such as multipurpose built-in cupboards to keep your office free of clutter. Also, remember to give thought to the placement of windows, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces. 
        • Pick furniture made of durable materials that will withstand family get-togethers as well as workspace demands. 

        2. Layout

        • The placement of bedrooms and living areas should consider the landscape or gardens. While future tenants or relatives may prefer privacy in bedrooms, you might prefer a view of the shared garden or backyard while you work. 
        • Decide if you need space for a dining area or if you could put that space to better use for another purpose. For example, eliminating the dining area can mean larger living spaces for family members or relatives to enjoy on the weekends. 
        • Whether for work or living, a Granny Flat should include plenty of natural light. Consider installing skylights in high-use areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to ensure a light, bright interior. Don’t forget that lighting can impact productivity, so come up with a lighting layout that suits both work and living. 

        3. Technology

        • Every home office requires a strong and stable internet connection. Consider installing smart home devices and power solutions to make your Granny Flat run as efficiently as possible and save you money on heating and cooling bills.

        With a Little Creativity, Granny Flats and Studios Can Be Multipurpose Spaces

        A Granny Flat with multiple functions is an addition that adds a tremendous amount of value to a home. If designed with functionality and flexibility in mind, a studio or Granny Flat is a multipurpose space that can go from meeting housing needs to providing much-needed office space faster than you can say ‘work from home’. 

        Sydney’s award-winning Granny Flat builder, Granny Flat Solutions, offers Granny Flat designs and smaller, flexible studios to suit any block or budget. Call 1300 160 320 today to see why thousands of customers across Sydney, the Illawarra, and the Central Coast regions have chosen us to build the Granny Flat of their dreams.

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