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Building Granny Flats in Strathfield Within Your Budget

The Boulevarde street in Strathfield

The Boulevarde street in Strathfield

In Strathfield, there is a booming scene of culture, architecture, and historical appreciation.  It’s not just a great place to visit, but a great place to live.  When you’re in a position to build a granny flat, whether for relatives, friends or renters, it is ideal to employ the services of home builders who are experienced and who know and understand the local area.

A granny flat, or secondary dwelling, can be built in a variety of ways.  For example, a rear detached garage, or a detached home.  It can also be completely detached from the main building.  They can also be uniquely designed and do not conform to any particular style, so as long as they meet zoning regulation.

We at Granny Flat Solutions do not just build only granny flats in Strathfield.  We customize our buildings to meet your high expectations.

We listen to your ideas and incorporate your vision into the design, including niceties like color coordination, special fixtures (such as wheelchair access or drive-in showers), as well as other cutting-edge technology for modern convenience.

You can visit our Projects page for a complete overview of the work we’ve been doing over the past few years.  Our team of specialists is made up of licensed architects and designers, builders and dedicated project managers.  We can ensure top quality but at an affordable price.


Experienced Builders in Strathfield

Building A Granny Flat In Strathfield

Building A Granny Flat In Strathfield

Experience is the most important factor.  Designing a building requires not only knowledge of how to blueprint and build detached or attached buildings, but also familiarity with local Strathfield zoning requirements.  There are multiple issues to consider if you have a separate bedroom, bathroom or kitchen in the granny flat, not to mention laundry facilities.  You are actually relying on a number of professionals, including plumbers and electricians.  The best thing to do is to turn over the project to a contractor who can guarantee quality and consistency on all these issues.  Our staff has decades of combined experience working in the industry and is fully qualified to help guide you in design and construction of your dream secondary home.


Quality Counts

Budgeting is important, and not merely in the planning stages but also in getting precise quotes.  You don’t want guesswork, but a contractor that knows how much investment is required, based on the price of material, knowledge of the local suburban neighborhood, the labor, and so on.  Familiarity with the Australian Building standard and Energy Efficiency guidelines is also consistent with finding top quality work.

When it comes to price, you don’t want to go with merely “cheap”, but you also want to spend conservatively, since this is hardly comparable to a main house.  Experienced contractors know how to maximize your dollar and get the best possible market price.

Now is the time to examine your options. To learn more about our services, feel free to call us at 02 94817443 for an obligation-free discussion of your granny flat in Strathfield project.



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