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Granny Flats in Sydney

Why Granny Flats Are A Growing Trend In Sydney

In Sydney, Australia, there is a growing number of people building granny flats in their backyard areas. Homeowners are building new granny flats that resemble miniature homes or simply converting their garages for these structures. A granny flat in Sydney can be used for a variety of purposes, including; turning it into a home office, for generating rental income or simply accommodating extended family members. It is sometimes referred to as a mini home or secondary dwelling.

Basically, granny flats are classed as secondary dwellings which can be attached or detached (standalone) from a primary dwelling. They can be converted to be a shed or garage if its ceiling height complies with the building code. In general, most Australian councils allow these flats to be between 60 and 70 sqm is size. Sydney allows a maximum of 60 sqm.


Why their popularity is growing in Sydney

The demand for granny flats has in recent years, reached records high as house prices continue to increase and affordability of houses continues to be a great challenge. Homeowners are now looking for new ways of accommodating their large family members in order to save on extra costs or avoid taking home loans.

Due to their relatively low construction costs, Sydney granny flats are very appealing to real estate investors looking to make profit by renting them out. The rent obtained from granny houses, which is acts as a side income, can then be used to cover for other repayments such as paying off mortgages.

These small dwellings are also considered ideal and comfortable by many people, who often prefer them because of their cost effective rates, to houses in the suburban areas of Sydney.


The uses of a Sydney granny flat

These small dwellings are have a myriad of uses in Sydney, including:

  • Housing aged parents: this is one of the most obvious uses. When an elderly person can no longer live by themselves, you can either move them to an elderly care facility or look after them in your own house. However, a mini home can be great place to house an aged parent and look after them, while still allowing them some freedom.
  • Home offices: a growing trend is the number of people working from home in Sydney- be it employed or business owners. Granny flats offer convenience of working at home while still saving on renting commercial spaces. Moreover, you get to save on travel costs and have focus on your tasks and get more work done.
  • Rental income: the flats can also be used to generate extra income. Building one and renting it out will allow you have a constant source of income if when you are retired.
  • Additional bedrooms: your kids want their freedom but you are not sure if they are ready yet. You can grant them a measure of some freedom and let them live in these dwellings. Once they are grown, and ready to move out, you can then rent this miniature house for extra income.
  • Hobby space: you can turn your granny house to a hobby space where you get to enjoy what you love doing. Do your sewing, woodwork, and art works in this house in peace without having to inconvenience the rest of the family.


Sydney granny flat Experts

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