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External Choices

The Choices are Endless: External Facade

Just like no two properties are the same, we believe that property owners should be able to customize their Granny Flat to suit the property, needs and budget. In addition to our large range of designs, we offer all our property owners the opportunity to customize the look and feel of their Granny Flat by offering a wide range of external choices to suit. By offering high quality materials from reputable suppliers and using only qualified tradespeople you will be guaranteed a Granny Flat of the highest standard that you will be proud of.

Concrete Slab

Concrete slabs are the standard option for our Granny Flats. The formwork is laid out and waffle pods are installed and then covered with concrete.

Steel Frame

Steel piers are an alternative option for concrete slab where the land slopes or a concrete slab is not suitable. The steel piers are also an option for homes on flat land but where the client wants the structure off the ground. Examples of Steel pier installation: Busby, Berowra Heights, Lindfield,

Exposed Steel Piers

The steel piers can be exposed as in this project or covered up for asthetic reasons.

Brick Sub Floor

The brick sub floor are another alternative to steel piers where bricks are laid around the base of the structure as in this project – is suitable for sloping land to make level

Timber Slats Sub Floor


Timber Frame

Treated Timber Frame

Brick Veneer

Acrylic Render

Timber (Weathertex) Cladding


Vinyl Cladding

Brick and Render

Jarosite (Boral Bricks)

Graphite (Boral Bricks)

Choc Tan (Boral Bricks – Upgrade)

Concrete Roof Tiles

Metal Roofing

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Standard Door with Light Panel

Standard Door with Light Panel – Stained

French Doors

Sliding Doors

Double Sliding Doors

Stacker Door

Sliding Windows

These are aluminium sliding windows with standard glazing. For bathroom windows, the glass is obscured for privacy.For more on this design, click here.

Sliding Windows with Lowlight

These are aluminium sliding windows with standard glazing but have an additional panel of glass to allow for extra light into the Granny Flat.For more on this design, click here.

Windows with Colonial Bars

These are aluminium sliding windows with standard glazing but have an aluminium struts across the glass to show a more colonial look.For more on this design, click here.

Awning Windows (with low light)

These are aluminium awning windows with standard glazing.

Rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks come with either a standard pump (to service a garden tap only) or a Grey water pump to service the toilets in the building.For more on this property. click here.

Whirly Bird

Whirlybirds are useful to extract heat from the roof space. click here.

TV Antenna

TV antennas are extra however the cabling for the television is included in the package.


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