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Affordable Granny Flats Building Services in Bankstown

Building a Granny Flat in Bankstown is easy.

Building a Granny Flat in Bankstown is easy.

Do you have an extra space in your backyard and you plan to build a granny flat on it? If the answer is yes, there are lots of things you need to consider which may have a direct impact on the timing and later success of your project.

Some people may want to build a granny flat for many different but sensible reasons. The foremost reason is that most of these people simply want to keep a member of the family close by and give them their own living space and privacy. A good quality secondary home can be added to the property and for some home owners, it can also be converted into an additional income source by renting it out.

However, building a secondary dwelling is no easy task especially for those with no prior experience in this type of project. At Granny Flat Solutions, we do not just construct granny flats in Bankstown. We are expert in building any types of secondary homes in any suburb. If you want to see our past projects, feel free to visit our Projects page and find out the other dwellings we built in other suburbs aside from Bankstown.


Bankstown Granny Flat Experts

If you are living in Bankstown and you want to complete a building project within your scheduled timeline, let Granny Flats Solutions handle it for you. We already have a team of experts primarily made up of licensed builders and designers, architects and project managers who know how to work with complete dedication until they meet their primary goal which is to provide high quality and fully functional secondary homes at affordable prices. We can provide a fixed price quote and has no bad surprises later on when everything is too late for you to back down.

Watch the video below to see an example of our construction process.



Building a custom mini home is not like building a regular house. This is why you need to make sure that you have the best custom mini home contractor that can guarantee a quality job worth the money you paid for the contract. This can only be done if the contractor has the right team in place with the right experience in building affordable but fully functional mini homes for customers. A comprehensive experience in granny flat construction can save everyone time and money because the processes used by the company have been whetted and enhanced to complete each project in time or earlier. So if you are planning to start your granny flat construction, do not hesitate to ask us about our experience and we will be too happy to show you how we work and what you can expect from our brand name.



A professional homebuilder will make sure the granny flats they are building strictly adheres to the Australian Building standards and Energy Efficiency guidelines. Aside from ensuring that the building will last for years, it also helps homeowners to save money in the short and long term.


For more info about building a granny flat in Bankstown or any other suburbs or what we can offer you, contact us today.



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