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Are Granny Flat Designs in Sydney Coming Back in Style?

In a word, yes.  It’s interesting what worldwide recession and changing economies can do to the population in terms of style and architecture.  When there is money to waste, sure, there are huge luxurious houses and amazing spectacles of wasted space to behold.  However, when there is a need to be frugal practical building replaces excessive luxury.  Yet, the finished result looks as attractive as it is useful.  Why just consider granny flat designs.


These secondary units are fun to think about and yet serve a very economic purpose.  They can house family members, ideal for aging parents or in laws who need full time care but still desire their own privacy.  They can be rented out to friends or new acquaintances for extra monthly profit.  Simply put, there is no good reason to waste this free living space.  It can be used to help yourself, help your family, and help others to attain low-cost living.


Granny Flat Designs in Sydney


Some granny flat designs are actually quite luxurious and you could charge a moderately high rate for special features like kitchens, laundry facilities, bathrooms, and practically any fixture you can think of that conforms to local zoning laws.  In this age of “micro apartments”, which are attractive to people in their own right who want to simplify and streamline their lifestyle, a family-friendly “mother in law flat” is always going to be in demand.  It’s not only going to impress your neighbours, and attract occupants, but will also increase the real estate value of your home.  Everybody appreciates effort and practically used resources.  You have that extra land so why not put it to work for you?


Choosing Between the Best Granny Flat Designs in Sydney


That is what we at Granny Flats Solutions specialize in.  We design secondary suites of all types, sizes and with whatever fixtures you need installed.  We serve the greater Sydney area, well beyond the city’s borders, and are confident that we can build your perfect second dwelling location according to your specifications, while at the same time adhering to local zoning laws set by the council.  Nothing is more frustrating than learning that your DIY project, after months of hard work, is illegal and must be torn down!  Let our company build it the right way the first time, sparing you all that heartache.


Our granny flats builders are experienced, knowledgeable, licensed, and insured for your absolute protection.  We can build:


  • Attached house suites
  • Separate dwelling suites
  • Over garage suites
  • Above dwelling suites or basement flats


You can call us at 02 94817443 for a free consultation and let us know what your idea is, where you are located, and what the logistics of this project might entail.  Times are certainly changing but this particular architectural trend—that of using all that empty land for a smart and profitable purpose—is a good one.


Whether you want to make extra income or save thousands on nursing home and assisted living facility bills, the choice is yours.  Let Granny Flats Solutions build you a (side) dream home!





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